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All prices are always determined individually. Please write to me if you have a specific design request. The prices below are only valid for common designs (traditional Indian, Arabic, flowers, etc.) and are only intended as a guide for customers.

I always paint freehand and will set the prices individually according to the amount of work (time, size and complexity).

Kindly view quote below on Henna Services:


Bridal Henna Services - Intricate Designs:

  1. € 150 - wrist and feet to ankle
  2. € 200 - mid-arm and two inches above ankles
  3. € 300 - elbows and two inches above ankles
  4. € 370 - About elbows and two inches above ankles
  5. € 420 - elbows and feet up to the swan's knee
  6. € 470 - From elbows and feet to knees
  7. € 520 - Over elbows and feet to knee covering calf area

Transport costs and accommodation

Depending on the location and the duration of the days, the customer can discuss the fees with the artist

Bridal Henna Services - Simple Design:

  • 100 € - 350 € - Depends on the required length


Non-bridal henna

  • € 15 - simple design one side to the wrist (flower / Arabic)
  • € 20 - Intricate Designs One Side to Wrist (Indian)


Henna for guest / events

  • Parties and group painting: € 50 per hour


White henna and jagua henna
Please consult the artist to get an acura price based on your request of the design


* Please note that customers will have to pay travel (and accommodation) expenses if necessary. Please contact the artist for further details

* We also offer makeup services. Email the artist in the email below for more details.

For more info, please email us at [email protected]

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