What's the best BBQ in Chicago

11 pretty good BBQ restaurants in Berlin

As soon as the first rays of sun peek through the cloud cover, everyone digs his rickety grill out of the cellar to rid him of the traces of last summer. You could save yourself the trouble and just let it grill. We have selected the best places in town for a decent BBQ for you. There is something for every meat taste. So: (S) Teak it easy!

© Milena Zwerenz Thai BBQ in the Khwan

The Khwan on the RAW site does not fit into any drawer. In the restaurant of David Chien and Daniel Lambert, who were previously active in the Berlin street food scene, you get a Thai BBQ made from the best products and ingredients. Nothing comes out of the can here, all curry pastes and herbal mixes are homemade. The meat comes from Berlin and the surrounding area, the sausages from Sausage Manwho have favourited oysters fromDelicacies. Anyone who has only ever thought of grilled meat at BBQ will be taught better by David and Daniel.

© Chicago Williams BBQ Eat Chicago-Style Ribs and Pastrami from Chicago Williams BBQ

There have been pioneers in smoking, grilling, plucking, sausage, stopping, roasting, glazing and roasting in Berlin for several years. Chicago-style ribs, pastrami, excellent merguez, the promising "Porn Rib" sandwich and of course pulled pork - at Chicago Williams BBQ everything is offered to you and it tastes excellent. Usually the grill procedure takes place in a stylish restaurant with a lot of wood, German craft beer flows out of the tap and there is a large piece of NY cheesecampfmpfmmampf for dessert. Fortunately, you can have the pleasure delivered directly to your home at the moment and don't have to do without anything.

© Dinah & Daliah Hoffmann Grill yourself at FES Turkish BBQ

Sociable grilling in Turkish, while the guest has the tongs in his hand: table grills bring tender saddle of lamb, Black Angus beef steaks or marinated chicken to the personal comfort temperature. You can also sit outside, vis-à-vis the church at Südstern. Be sure to try the excellent Turkish tapas (humus! Pilaki!).

© Chris Lippert American BBQ at Blackbeards

Americans have no fun when it comes to their almost religiously celebrated BBQ rituals. The woody, dim Blackbeards in Prenzlauer Berg takes this cult as its model and has been delivering excellent spare ribs, chicken wings and more for about half a year. Spicy, tender, falling off the bone and glazed so silky that you can reflect yourself in / on the ribs, if you want (you want). And as long as the announced construction site is not there, you can still “feast” in the sun.

© Chris Lippert BBQ in Japanese at Ushido Japanese BBQ

There is also barbecues in Japan. This is called “yakiniku”, “grilled meat”. in the Ushido In Prenzlauer Berg, however, things are a little more refined: only the best cuts of beef, pork and chicken are served on the hyper-modern table grill (ask the staff for details, it's worth it!). Even pieces of Wagyu, the beef of all cattle with the finest grain, are on offer, as is a good selection of sake. The side dishes are also excellent and absolutely authentic, especially the karaage and the Japanese potato salad (original Japanese translation: “Poteto Sarada”). The interior itself is very chic, stylish - and also very popular with the Japanese. According to the staff, in summer you should be able to enrich the Prenzlberg air with the finest grill scent in front of the restaurant. Make a reservation!

  • Ushido Japanese BBQ
  • Lychener Str. 18, 10437 Berlin
  • Lunch: Monday - Thursday: 12pm - 2.30pm, Dinner: Monday - Thursday: 6pm - 11pm, Friday: 6pm - midnight, Saturday: 5pm - midnight, Sunday: 5pm - 11pm
  • More info

South Korean cuisine in the Hanok Grill & Restaurant

For many the best, because most authentic South Koreans in Berlin. In addition to classics such as bibimbap, kimchi and don ggas (breaded), the table-grilled bulgogi, the hanok-style spare ribs or the hot pots, which for hotspots lovers, bring a really good-humored red cheeks to your barbecue. Western squeamishness is avoided here, but the staff are happy to pass on requests for a little less throat and throat burn. The pretty room is more minimalist, based on the Seoul model, and there is also a small street terrace. A reservation is recommended, especially for the IFA - it is bubbling with original Korean exuberance!

© Charlott Tornow Pignut BBQ in the Arminiusmarkthalle

Small but nice: In the large Arminiushalle, Pignut BBQ has been bringing the southern states to Moabit since 2014. Particularly perverted and delicious: the pulled pork burger and the ribs. After hours of smoking with pignut hickory wood (in German, don't laugh: "piglet nut tree"), the plucked, hellish ... uh ... hällische country pork is combined with the homemade BBQ marinade in deep passion. The result is a puffy, hearty burger with no flaws. In addition, crispy, homemade French fries and three different excellent sauces as well as the refreshing iced teas. There!

© Leif Osthoff Bibimbap and Kimchiliebe in Kimchi Princess

You don't really need to say: Who ins Kimchi is (s) t definitely not the first time here. Over the past few years, the fermented Korean princess has become the go-to place for all those who are crazy about eating, who eat the delicious table grill and Dutch oven dishes (or the multitude of other South Korean classics) at long tables and with the maximum “see and be seen” factor want. Meanwhile, vegetarians, vegans and children (thanks to the “Kids Menu”) don't go home hungry either. The atmosphere is bustling, the shop is mostly jam-packed - and a reservation is recommended.

© Chris Lippert Grilled chicken at City Chicken on Sonnenallee

A Berlin institution when it comes to grilled chicken in Neukölln. Everything is just right here: crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. The garlic sauce fits perfectly and is a must (important meetings, job interviews or Tinder dates should then be postponed). If you like the feeling of the bustling Sonnenallee, you can also sit outside. Plus a fair price and messy staff - an honest chicken!

© Mmaah / Presse Korean BBQ at Mmaah in Schöneberg

The Mmaah sells Korean BBQ and has been doing “Aaah” for a long time with its three branches on Columbiadamm and Kiehlufer in Neukölln, as well as in the west on Nollendorfplatz. The location at Nollendorfplatz is a bit bigger than the others, otherwise everything stays the same. Same prices, same quality, same love. The menu includes Bulgogi BBQ, marinated beef on rice and salad, or Mandu, Korean dumplings with a vegetable and glass noodle filling. Noms.

© Daliah Hoffmann Beef and vegetables grill in a chic atmosphere at Coreana

Koreans love their table grill. And Berliners love Korean. That's really good, for example Coreana in Steglitz. Affable table grilling of beef and vegetables in a chic ambience, plus an open kitchen in case the topic of conversation runs out. Respect for the animal alone dictates that the wafer-thin and intense slices of beef should not be fried until the sole of the shoe - you should at least agree on pink. Small but selected menu, nice staff, great atmosphere!