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What can I do for better study conditions? "University Pact" or "Future Contract Strengthening Studies and Teaching"

In June, the federal and state governments adopted the “Strengthening the future contract for studying and teaching” as the successor to the “University Pact”. Both agreements were or are there for the federal government to support the federal states in financing university places. For each additional study place, the federal government has paid € 13,000 to the federal states, which pass the money on to their universities.

In addition to the receipt of study places, the "future contract" contains some other goals that the federal states should meet (see under "1. Goals of the future contract"), and a selection of exemplary measures for this (see below "2. exemplary measures" plus their own additions) . In addition, each country can set its own priorities.

The federal government wants to agree on specific measures with each state, which this state will take to implement the goals of the future treaty and its priorities. These agreements are called "letters of commitment". Each state must submit a draft of its declaration of commitment to the federal government by January 15, 2020.

Since the federal government gives money for studying here, it expects the federal states to spend it sensibly.

This is where you come in: Talk to your ministries of science and your university management and tell them what is important for a better quality of study. Put pressure on so that your countries and universities do not make things too easy for themselves, but rather that they agree on ambitious goals and effective measures. You can also suggest your own goals and measures that you consider important and suitable for improving your studies.

The original administrative agreement for the "future contract" can be found at: https://www.gwk-bonn.de/themen/foerderung-von-hochschulen/hochschulpakt-zukunftsvertrag/

If you have any questions, for further explanations or requests for support, please contact the members of the university funding and structure committee of the fzs:
E-Mail: hochschulfinanzierung committee {ät} lists.fzs.de

1. Objectives of the future contract (§ 1 of the future contract)

  • a high quality of study and teaching across the board (para. 1)
  • good study conditions across the board of the German university landscape (para. 1)
  • the needs-based maintenance of study capacities (Paragraph 1)
  • Expansion of permanent employment relationships with teaching staff (Paragraph 2)
  • Improvement of the childcare or childcare situation (Paragraph 2)
  • Gender balance composition of the staff (para. 2)
  • Improvement of the framework conditions for the course and the success of the course as well as to avoid dropping out (Paragraph 3)
  • Improving permeability and transitions in the education system, in particular by promoting suitable measures for an increasingly heterogeneous student body (Section 1, Paragraph 3)
  • Digitalization options should be used specifically to improve quality in studies and teaching (Section 1, Paragraph 3)

2. Exemplary measures (by area)


  • at least maintenance, better expansion of teaching staff
  • Increase in the proportion of full-time teaching staff
  • greater extension of the teaching staff at all levels


  • Construction, purchase or rental of educational buildings
  • Investments in other needs for teaching
  • Expand digital infrastructure / equipment
  • Broad use of digital teaching and learning media
  • Improving digital administration
  • Expansion of barrier-free paths, rooms, buildings, etc.

Teaching improvement

  • Promotion of innovative forms of teaching and learning as well as innovative study programs
  • Broad transfer of digital teaching formats
  • Further development of the curricula across the board, professional field orientation
  • Learning platforms that better involve students as actors in the learning process
  • Higher education didactic training for teachers and for teachers, e.g. on digitization, heterogeneity
  • Improvement of study and examination administration

Support with transitions in the education system

  • Preliminary and bridging courses, orientation modules, special introductory phases
  • Career center, alumni work


  • Further development of the advisory and support offer across the board

Internationalization and mobility

  • better support for international mobility for incoming and outgoing students
  • Increase in the proportion of international (guest) researchers
  • more foreign-language, especially English-language courses

quality assurance

  • discuss together about goals and ways to (improve) teaching
  • Monitoring of quality development measures in teaching
  • Surveys of students and graduates
  • Offer professional orientation of courses
  • Identification and dissemination of effective and exemplary innovations
  • greater involvement of the student councils and other representations at the specialist level


  • Increase in the proportion of women among full-time academic and artistic staff
  • Increase the proportion of underrepresented genders among students

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