How to make a paper tree

Candy tree - give personally and from the heart!

The candy tree is perfect as a wedding gift, father & mother's day gift or birthday present. The tree also impresses as a decoration for a candy bar.

What is needed:1 flower pot (as heavy as possible), 1 package of floral foam, 1 stick (available in the flower department of a hardware store), the styrofoam ball, a hot glue gun and of course lots of small packaged sweets.

Handicraft instructions | How to do it:

  • 1) The styrofoam ball is placed on the stick so that it looks like a large lollipop
  • 2) Now we fill our flower pot with appropriately cut floral foam and put the stick in the middle of the flower pot as a test. However, we pull the stick out again for the pasting.
  • 3) Now we can start decorating the candy ball. For this purpose, the sweets are coated with a hot glue gun and pressed against the future candy tree until they hold by themselves. We repeat this until the ball is completely covered with candy and the styrofoam does not completely disappear.
  • 4) If the ball is now completely glued, we fill our flower pot with appropriately cut floral foam, then the stick can be placed in the middle of the flower pot.

A little hint: If the tree is too heavy due to the candy and does not stop, you can lay out cling film in the pot under the floral foam and fill in filler. The stick of the candy tree should then be inserted all the way down into the filler and fixed until it dries. The cling film ensures that the pot can still be used afterwards.

Voila, the perfect gift for a wedding or any other occasion! Here is the result, which we think can be seen:

+++ Update: 2019.09 +++

But why only make such a small candy tree? The bigger the better!

We made the following XXL candy tree for a wedding, it served as an alternative to the CandyBar and was very well received by the wedding guests.

The principle is based on the instructions from above. A large flower basket was used as a stand and we attached the large rod to it with sawn wooden beams until it no longer wobbled.

The large styrofoam balls are unfortunately not filled, so we had to try a trick here. After we put the ball into the rod, the interior was filled with construction foam. On the one hand, this connects the styrofoam ball to the pole and provides more support. Pay attention to which material you use, the construction foam expands very much, so don't use too much and be patient. Then the upper part of the styrofoam ball is put on and you can start with the sticky candy. Remember, you need a lot more here than with the small version. The best thing to do is to get the sweets from wholesalers and make sure that they take up as much space as possible on the tree.

Have fun making your XXL candy tree!

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