Is campus politics necessary

Dear students,

As we have told you several times in the last few weeks, we hold the “New version of the regulations for the discontinuation and cancellation of courses” ( for illegal. In particular, the deadlines for canceling the individual examination claim are, in our view, incompatible with applicable law.

After an examination of the relevant regulations by our specialist lawyer, we came to the conclusion that a lawsuit against the regulations has good prospects. Unfortunately, the AStA is out of the question as an organ for such a lawsuit.

Therefore we are now looking for model plaintiffs for this lawsuit.

The AStA would support the model plaintiffs politically, legally and financially. By resolution of the student parliament on January 31, 2012, the student body assumes the legal fees incurred (; point 6.4.). In addition, we would take care of legal protection insurance for you if you do not have a personal insurance yet. At the moment our lawyer is already preparing the corresponding lawsuit, we would put you in touch with him and be available as a contact person through the procedure.

Possible claimants should intend to study for at least another 4 semesters in one of the expiring degree programs Diplom or Magister.

For the lawsuit, we are still looking for students for whom applications for an extension were granted shorter than possible or were completely rejected due to hardship, a consultation or committee work. We are also looking for students whose course will expire at the end of the coming summer semester. This is the case for the chemistry and German studies courses.

Since the deadline for filing a lawsuit ends on March 30, 2012, you need to respond as quickly as possible. If you are considering bringing such a model lawsuit, please get in touch by Tuesday (March 28) at the latest, Wednesday noon (March 29) at the latest back to us.

Please write an email with your telephone number and the following points to the AStA (betweenn[email protected]):

  • your phone number
  • Surname
  • Course of study
  • Did you apply for an extension and had a consultation?
  • Have you applied for a hardship case?
  • Have you submitted a committee confirmation?
  • How many semesters were you allowed to extend?

Please be sure to leave your phone number so that we can contact you quickly. We would then clarify all important things with you.

In the same week there will be group meetings with our lawyer.

We wish everyone else that they successfully complete their studies in the near future or receive a sufficient extension.

Best regards

Sebastian Geschonke