Should wine be stored on its side

Where shouldn't wine be stored under any circumstances?

Even if you decide not to keep any wine bottles at home, it can still happen that you suddenly have a few bottles at home. Be it as a gift or because the guests had to cancel at short notice and you don't want to drink the wine you have bought yourself.

In addition, you can take simpler wines directly from the shopping basket and pour them, but better wines should be given a day or two to recover from the transport. Top wines should even be allowed to rest for almost a week. Because wines that are shaken up, regardless of whether they were transported by post or in your own car, do not taste optimal. Usually you won't notice a big difference, but it would be a shame to forego the last remainder of the variety of flavors with such wines.

Sauna or fridge?

Anyway, at some point the time has come and you have a few bottles in the house. Since wines feel most comfortable at 10 to a maximum of 15 ° C, they should preferably be placed in a cool place if they don't have a suitable cellar. If you will definitely drink the wines within a few months, you do not necessarily have to store wines with a natural cork stopper horizontally. However, it is advisable to place the wine in the dark or to cover it with a tarpaulin, towel or something similar, as wines do not like to stand in the light for weeks. Otherwise there may be a loss of flavor.

Storage in the sauna should definitely not be used unless it is not used for the period of storage. Because otherwise the change in humidity and temperature is too strong there, which the wine usually acknowledges with a loss of taste.

If you drink the wine within a period of four months, you can also keep it in the refrigerator. But not for a long time, because refrigerators often vibrate very strongly and then you have to give the wine some time to calm down, so to speak. Refrigerators are often set too cold for this. Eventually, this can cause the cork to contract a bit at 4 ° C or less and allow air to enter the bottle.

Avoid large temperature changes

In some apartments you can see decorative wine racks in the kitchen. But that is not a real permanent place for the wine. For a few days this can be done without any problems, but not for longer. Not only because of their sensitivity to light, whereby dark bottles are less translucent than white bottles, but also because of the temperature. A longer storage at over 20 ° C does not do the wine particularly well, as it matures faster if it is too warm. Nor does the wine like large temperature fluctuations. For example, do not put it in front of the window in warmer months when the sun can shine on the bottles there.

The wine can withstand foreign odors such as heating oil, varnish or some types of vegetables and fruit for a few weeks, but then these odors can gradually get into the wine via the cork.

Long storage in cardboard boxes is also not advisable, as cardboard boxes can develop a slightly musty smell over time, which can also be transferred to the wine via the cork. Wines with screw caps, on the other hand, are insensitive to the transfer of taste.

However, the better the wine, the more you should pay attention to its various sensitivities and store it accordingly. Rustic everyday wines, on the other hand, have an advantage, but even these retaliate with loss of aroma and taste if they are left in the sun for too long.