What should everyone know about engineering

Hard skills for engineers

In mechanical engineering:

Mechanical engineers should have engineering skills in mechanics, electrical engineering and materials science. In addition, technical informatics, computer construction and chemistry are among the most important basic skills in mechanical engineering.

In electrical engineering:

Electrical engineers need general knowledge of energy, communications and drive technology. In addition, you also need know-how from technical IT, automation, control, regulation and measurement technology.

In civil engineering:

Civil engineers in turn, when starting a job, you should bring engineering skills such as statics, building materials and construction technology. In addition, there is specialist knowledge in geology, civil engineering and business administration.

In chemical engineering:

Chemical engineers must have the most important basic knowledge from the natural sciences: chemistry, biology and physics are essential. In addition, there are interdisciplinary skills such as process engineering, process engineering and automation technology.

In industrial engineering:

Industrial engineers form the interface between technology and business. Therefore, in addition to the most important technical knowledge such as mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, you should also have all the basic knowledge of business administration and law when starting your career.

In other disciplines: