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Disney killed Lindsay Lohan's twin? Crazy conspiracy theory

Wrong thesis: Lindsay Lohan had a twin sister who was killed by Disney

Just crazy! A Twitter user claims that Lindsay Lohan allegedly had a twin sister who was killed by Disney. The evidence is clear - at least that's what conspiracy theorists believe.

Twitter user 'drugproblem' outdoes himself

Do you know Lindsay Lohan's twin sister? We neither. For several years now, rumors have been surfacing that this sister exists or was. The Twitter user with the dubious name 'drugproblem' has now unearthed the story again and it is causing a stir on the Internet: Lindsay Lohan's mother is said to have given birth to not only ONE girl in 1986, but TWO: Lindsay and Kelsey.

Because of double occupation!

Kelsey Lohan is said to have even appeared in front of the camera with Lindsay for Disney. Disney has always said that Lindsay Lohan played both sisters in the double cast of 'A Twin Seldom Comes Alone' and that a body double was only used in some scenes. The conspiracy theorists say: It's all nonsense! Disney killed Kelsey!

Why the film company allegedly killed the Lohan sister, 'drugproblem' has no answer either. Lindsay's parents are said to have received several million dollars in hush money for not telling anyone about the murder. Yes, no, of course! Or is there something in the story after all? With our video you can get an idea for yourself.