How does the current reservation with Railways work?

Interrail: All countries, all passes, all tips and tricks

Traveling all over Europe and always having the right ticket in your pocket? With the Interrail ticket is not a problem. That has been the case for decades Train ticket at a flat rate for big and small adventures on Europe's tracks. Whether young people, adults or seniors - everyone is with Interrail flexible and Cheap on road. And best of all: In 2020, Interrail can do a lot more.

But one after anonther. What is Interrail anyway? Which Interrail ticket is right for me? And when is it all worth it? You can find answers to these and many other questions in this article.

What is Interrail?

Interrail is a ticket to Flat rate, with which you can travel by train as often as you like in many European countries within a certain period of time. Or in short: the Rail flat rate for Europe. Since the age limit was abolished everyone buy an Interrail ticket if you are a resident of Europe.

These countries will take part in Interrail in 2020: Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia (new), Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia (new), Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey and Hungary.

Which Interrail tickets are there?

There are basically two types of tickets that Interrail Global Pass and the Interrail One Country Pass. The Global Pass is valid in all 33 Interrail countries. This makes it the ideal ticket for the big round trip through Europe. The One Country Pass, on the other hand, is only ever valid in one country. Both variants are available for both 2nd class and 1st class.

Interrail Global Pass

The Global Pass is the classic. In 2020 he will be there for various travel periods between 4 days and 3 months. The travel days are either ongoing (Example: 22 days in a row) or flexible (Example: 10 days in 2 months). So depending on whether you want to be on the rails every day or prefer longer stays en route.

Important: The Interrail Global Pass is Not valid in your country of residence. However, you can leave your country of residence on a travel day of your choice and return on another travel day.

Interrail One Country Pass

The One Country Pass is available for all Interrail countries except Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. There will be a common for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg Benelux passport issued. With the One Country Pass you can choose between 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 travel days within a month. There are no continuous passes like the Global Pass.

The Interrail One Country Pass is a special case "Greek islands". Since 2020, it has not only included four crossings to 53 islands in the Aegean Sea such as Crete, Mykonos or Rhodes, but also two trips on the international ferries between Italy and Greece.

What does Interrail cost?

The price for the Interrail ticket depends on your age. There are three age groups: Teenagers (up to 27 years), Adults (28 to 59 years) and senior citizens (from 60 years). The price does not include reservations for seats or sleeping places on night trains.

Families travel particularly cheaply with Interrail: Adults in possession of a valid Global or One Country Pass can take two children Take it with you for free up to and including 11 years of age.

Global Pass prices

The prices for the Interrail Global Pass are strong degressively staggered. If you pay 61.50 euros per day of travel as an adult in 2nd class with the 4-day pass, you can travel for just 10 euros per day with a 3-month term.

The prices below are for the 2nd Class. All tickets are also available for 1st class for an additional price of 33%.

Interrail Global Pass / 2nd class

One Country Pass prices

For the One Country Pass are the Interrail countries in six price levels from A (expensive) to F (cheap). The table shows an example of the price range between the shortest and longest term for an adult in 2nd class. You can find full price lists here.

Where can I get Interrail tickets?

Your Buy an Interrail ticket you can do so up to 11 months before the first day of validity. The easiest way to do this is online via the official Interrail website. The ticket and all other travel documents will be sent to you by insured mail guaranteed shipping date sent.

All Interrail offers are also available in person-operated sales at the train station. Both in your country of residence and on-site when you are traveling. Example: As an Austrian, you can easily buy an Interrail One Country Pass Norway at the counter in Oslo.

Saving tip: Interrail tickets are regularly offered for a short time at reduced prices (example: 15% autumn discount). You can get the latest news from us on Twitter or Facebook.

What is the catch on Interrail?

The biggest enemy of Interrail is called Reservation requirement. Many high-speed trains such as the TGV in France, the Thalys, the Freccia trains in Italy or the X2000 in Sweden can only be reached with an additional one Seat reservation to use. In Spain and Portugal you even need a reservation for every long-distance train.

The reservations not only cost time and money, they also torpedo the greatest advantage of Interrail: flexibility. In order to at least keep costs under control, Interrail has the so-called for certain countries Premium Pass introduced. This is more expensive than the normal One Country Pass, but already covers the surcharge for seat reservations. Premium passes are currently available for Italy and Spain.

Where do I buy reservations?

Necessary Reservations you can do this at the ticket office in your country of residence from 90 days before the travel date. Alternatively, Interrail offers a paid reservation service. Or you can only buy the reservation directly on site at the train station. Please note, however, that the trains can then be fully booked during peak travel times.

Remember that you too Reserve night trains have to. It doesn't matter if you only have one Seat want a place in Couchette cars or a bed in Sleeping car. For some trains like the Nightjet of the ÖBB, as well as the night trains in the Czech Republic and Sweden, you can make the reservation online. Otherwise, you only have to go to the counter here.

When is Interrail worthwhile?

That depends on the destination. There are generally Interrail-friendly countries like Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Finland or Great Britain. Here you can use almost all trains without a reservation. In addition, train travel in these countries is relatively expensive, so the Interrail ticket pays for itself after just a few trips.

It looks different on that Balkans or in Eastern Europe out. Regular tickets are much cheaper here, so Interrail is only worthwhile for frequent travelers. There are also other package deals such as the Balkan Flexipass, some of which are better value for money.

Interrail is not much fun in countries like Spain or France. Here the reservation requirement causes frustration instead of wanderlust.

How does Interrailen work?

Your Interrail ticket consists of the actual ticket and one Passport envelope ("Pass Cover") with the travel diary. Before each trip, enter the date, time of departure, place of departure, destination and means of transport (train, bus or ferry). You need this entry for every single trip do, i.e. several times for transfer connections.

If you are traveling with a Global Pass with a flexible term or a One Country Pass, you also need the travel day on the ticket (format: day / month). It is sufficient if you do this before the first trip on the respective travel day. It is important that you are here careful going ahead. Subsequent changes are not permitted.

When all the formalities have been completed, all you have to do is: Enjoy! That could be the landscape in front of the window, a good conversation with fellow travelers or a typical national meal in the dining car - because if you travel by train, you are not only transported, but are on the move with all your senses.

What other advantages are there?

With your Interrail ticket, you can not only travel by train. It offers you too Perks and sometimes even free rides on some major ferries and bus routes in Europe.

  • Scandinavia: Discount on the ferries from Finnlines, Fjord Line, Tallink Silja and Viking Line; free bus travel between Sweden and Finland on the Luleå-Haparanda-Tornio-Kemi route; 50% discount on Åndalsnes-Molde and Åndalsnes-Ålesund bus trips in Norway
  • Southern Europe: Free or discounted travel with, depending on the Interrail pass Superfast Ferries between Italy and Greece; Discount on crossings from mainland Spain to the Balearic Islands (Balearia), as well as to Italy (Grimaldi Lines) and Morocco (AML)
  • British Islands: Discount on the ferries from Stena Line and Irish Ferries to Great Britain and Ireland

In addition, Interrail gives you free entry to many Museums, Discount in some Hostels, discounted City tours and much more. You can find a current list of all discounts here.

Do you have any more questions about Interrail? And which country would you like to discover by train in 2020? I'm looking forward to your commentary!