What causes teardrop infections

Lacrimal inflammation

Medical name (dacrocystitis)

Possible symptoms

Tears, eyes sticking, facial pain, blinking of eyes

Brief description

Dacrocystitis is an inflammation of the eye sack caused by the fact that tear fluid in the inner corner of the eye cannot drain properly and is subsequently colonized with bacteria. This colonization with bacteria caused by the drainage disruption leads to the inflammation.


Dacryocystitis can be chronic or acute. If the infection is acute, the area around the bags under the eyes is swollen, red, and painful. The area around the eye can become watery and red, and pus can also leak out. Dacryocystitis is caused by an infection of the lacrimal sac that blocks the tear duct system. This condition can occur later in life or it can also be inherited.

Occurrence and complaints

Those affected suffer from pain, swelling and redness of the inner corner of the eye up to the bridge of the nose. Sometimes pus drains into the eye from the bags under the eyes.

Consequences and treatment

Dacrocystitis is treated with an antibiotic and moist, disinfecting compresses. If the tear sac is swollen too much so that there is a risk of abscess formation, it is opened with a small incision and a flap is inserted for a few days. Since the tear duct is always sticky and closed after dacrocystitis, an operation should follow after healing to reopen the tear duct, otherwise there is a risk of repeated inflammation.

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