What are some Norwegian indie bands

Probably the best live band from Norway about their new album: Kakkmaddafakka: "We have eggs"

What do lovesickness, Bill Clinton and Norway have in common? They all belong to the themes that Kakkmaddafakka sing about on their new album "Six Month Is A Long Time". The five - sometimes eight - band members are among the best festival bands of today. Despite her Norwegian origins, Kakkmaddafakka has a lot in common with Germany and Berlin.

Mr. Vindenes, could you briefly explain what the "New Bergen Wave" is?

Axel Vindenes: There were some people from the 1990s who made music. Most of them came from Bergen. There were many different bands like Kings Of Convenience or Röyksopp and later also Kakkmaddafakka. All of these bands belong to the "New Bergen Wave", but that's an expression journalists have come up with.

The songs on the new album somehow always sound happy, even though it's about breakups and things like that. Why does it sound so happy?

Vindenes: Quite simply because it's the only way to make a happy song. If you want up-tempo and happy sounding music, you can't if you feel happy yourself. The rule is: if you want a song that sounds happy, the lyrics have to be sad. The sadder the better.

One song is called Bill Clinton. What do you think of him?

Vindenes: He must be a cool guy, but I've never met him.

Would you like to meet him? Then what would you say to him?

Vindenes: Sure. Well, it might not have been the finest, the Lewinsky thing, but he does seem nice. I would tell him to keep inspiring the world.

But he didn't deserve a high five for Monica Lewinsky?

Vindenes: Oh no, definitely not. He would definitely not get a high five from me. I think it's his private matter, not everyone should have noticed. Monica Lewinsky is not a bad person either.

Kakkmaddafakka is considered a damn good live band from the start, how did that come about?

Vindenes: We don't really know that ourselves. We don't worry too much about it. We just try to always have a good time on stage and I think that's what people want to see too. You forget all your problems on stage.

Kakkmaddafakka has also performed at Rock am Ring. Which band would you have liked to see yourself?