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The Research Data Management Organizer (RDMO) supports research projects in the planning, implementation and administration of all research data management tasks. It also enables the textual output of a data management plan according to the specifications of different sponsors.

Data management plans are one of the most important components of research data management, but their use and potential are still not fully exploited. Often they are only understood as part of the application text and are no longer updated in the course of the project. RDMO supports the entire research process with a variety of functions so that the research data management can actually be organized on the basis of the plan and adapted as required during the entire project.

The core functionalities of RDMO include:

  • central administration of information on research data management
  • customizable question and answer templates
  • easily customizable design
  • Continuous updatability and versioning of information in the course of a project
  • Support for multilingualism (German and English user interfaces are integrated)
  • Output formats for various purposes, including for different data management plans, depending on the requirements of the funders.

In the first project phase, the RDMO was equipped with these basic features that are required for the organization of the data management. The project is currently in the second phase. The development goals for the second project phase are in particular:

  • Extension of the data model to include tasks
  • a role concept with role-related views to manage information and tasks across target groups and across projects
  • Support of repositories and identification systems to link data management plans with the actual data in temporary project storage locations or in permanent data repositories.
  • Support of the evaluation of DMPs, e.g. to automatically recommend data repositories or to carry out cost estimates based on the criteria of the data repositories
  • Expansion of the supported authentication and authorization systems (LDAP, Shibboleth, OAuth, ORCID)
  • Participation in the development of an international exchange format for DMPs
  • improved technical maintainability through standardization of the installation (Docker container) and integration of an update mechanism
  • Sustainability and Community Building
  • Dissemination and training

The RDMO project works with a large number of specialist disciplines, institutions and scientific organizations as well as international initiatives to ensure the applicability and reusability of the RDMO software. If you have any questions or would like to contact us in any other way, please send an email to us at [email protected]

The RDMO project is funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation).

The description of the first project phase can be viewed here.

The RDMO project will be transferred to the community-based RDMO working group

DFG funding for RDMO, the research data management software Research Data Management Organizer, ends in autumn 2020. RDMO is now used as a tool for the dynamic support of research data management in projects and for the creation of data management plans at many research institutions in Germany.

In order to keep the open source software still usable and to further develop it, the working group (AG) RDMO is currently being founded with the signing of a memorandum of understanding. The way for this was already paved at the last RDMO community meeting in Potsdam in February by setting up a future organizational structure with various committees. This structure is intended to support future developments and is detailed in the MoU.