What do carnivores eat in Zootopia

What do the carnivores eat in the Zootopia universe?

In-universe (seen)

We see carnivores eating;

Fruit smoothies

"Blubber Chef" (who presumably sells bubble-based products)

Breakfast cereal (the "Art Of" book contains a list of ingredients)





blueberry cake

Image courtesy of "The Art of Zootopia"

Fish nuggets / buggy burger

Spicy lentils

Tuna Tartar

Images courtesy of "Zootopia - The Official Handbook"


Image courtesy of "Zootopia: Welcome to Zootopia"

In-universe (described)

The film's writer, Jared Bush, addressed this issue (via Twitter).

Q:Hey can you tell me what to eatWhat would the carnivores eat?I am really curious

JB:In Zootopia carnivores eat vegetable proteins and insects .Bug-Burga is her favorite restaurant

Question:What about fish?Do you eat them too?

JB:In early versions of the movie, they ate fish (that wasn't "developed" and didn't talk), but it confused the rules of the world.

For the record I added punctuation because it seems that neither party knows how to use it.

Nick doesn't eat meat.

Q.Glad to see that no reptiles and birds were harmed in the making of #Zootopia.By the way, the chicken was yummy last night

ByronHoward:Nick doesn't eat meat

Via Twitter

And in this linked article, the movie's directors offer us a little more information on what to buy from Bug-Burga.

[Byron] Howard and [Rich] Moore had to make a movie where animals could live together, those who were usually prey and others who were predators. In doing so, they also had to solve the problem that the predators still need meat protein and would normally eat the prey. The most popular fast food restaurant in Zootopia is Bug-Burga, which is where protein can be found. Howard said: “In Bug-Burga you can get a grasshopper shake, cricket chips or a cicada burger.And it's all viable protein.In a scene where Nick tells Judy that she'll never be a real cop, you'll go home and become a carrot farmer. He participates in a fence and pushes it aside.If you look down at his feet, there are Bug Burga boxes in the litter on the floor. " It's one of the few places where viewers can see the restaurant mentioned in the movie.


@LegoStormtroopr - How do you know there is no market for fish is ?


Zootopia only includes mammals, it is mentioned several times throughout the film. No intelligent reptiles, birds, fish or amphibians to be found.

Slacklord the Terrible

"Buggy Burger" can also be seen in the picture of the fish nuggets.