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They play too

They read: 'The Gamer Inside'. This is AOC Gaming's spotlight that shows the human experiences behind the games, the players themselves, their choices, and their interesting stories and connections. We want to show the human side of the digital realm and focus on the players themselves: why they do what they do and who they really are. In an increasingly diversified world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see what we all have in common. But games have the power to transcend borders, be it continents, generations or anything else. All over the world, in every corner of our planet, people are united by their inner passion to always enjoy playing. It's time to learn the stories behind it and see how it goes on. Every person, every organization and every game has a story to tell. Every gamer is different, every story is unique - get to know the gamer inside.

There is a common misconception about what constitutes a "gamer". The idea that to conform to this particular social label, one must avoid the company of others, make a living on soda and chips, and spend an unhealthy amount of time in front of the screen has been a concept gamers have pursued since the first game console.

But now the year is 2018 and stereotypes like the ones mentioned above are on their way to oblivion. Anyone who has ever come into contact with the media in any meaningful way will affirm that absolutely anyone can be a gamer. Be it games for immediate entry such as the Candy Crush Saga or Pokémon Go or challenging competitions such as DOTA 2 matches broadcast on television, gamers today come in all shapes and sizes. Gone are the days of the high school nerd shunned for knowing exactly where each and every centerpiece is in Ocarina of Time. Instead, each of us could provide valuable insight into the location of a shrine in Breath Of The Wild that a colleague or friend just can't find.

So it stands to reason that if gaming culture has become fully mainstream as a pastime, then mainstream culture role models - celebrities and other famous people - have also come into contact with interactive media. And there they really are! Celebrities love video games just like other people do, and their reasons for doing so may be more similar than you think.

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Even Superman likes to sneak around in dungeons. Though his on-screen superheroes are more like science fiction, Henry Cavill is in the fantasy camp when it comes to his games. The actor delighted Conan O'Brien with his story about missing a phone call from the director of "Man Of Steel" Zach Snyder to speak to him about the role of Superman. His reason not to answer the phone? Cavill was too busy battling his way through Azeroth in World of Warcraft to take the call. Recently he was also cast for the planned Netflix series "The Witcher", which is based on the book and game of the same name. Cavill told IGN how he recently finished "The Witcher III," despite the game's impressive 70-hour duration. So nobody can deny that Cavill is a real video game fan.

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UFC icon and current WWE star Ronda Rousey is known for her uncompromising enthusiasm for anything to do with Warcraft. Whether through cosplay or at Cons - Rousey repeatedly shows her affection for this world. In 2015, it looked like this enthusiasm would be reciprocated by Blizzard, the developers of World Of Warcraft, and they purposely incorporated an Easter egg called "Rhonda" into the game, which visually resembled the talented fighter. This was later identified as a misconception by avid fans who would have liked to see a connection between Rousey and the game - the character was actually named after a developer of the game. What should have been Rhonda Cox's proudest moment was overshadowed by the excitement of Ronda Rousey fans who wanted to find a relationship between her and the game. But a strong connection can still be felt.

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Canadian rapper Aubrey "Drake" Graham surprised the internet community when he teamed up with well-known streamer Tyler Blevins - better known as "Ninja" - for an impromptu session on Fortnite, the most popular game of 2018. The record for the most concurrent viewers on a Twitch stream was 635,000 people who wanted to see the rapper take pot shots and proclaim “God's plan” while healing a teammate. During the stream, Drake ate pizza with Ninja and chatted with him about the League of Legends. He confirmed that his passion for gameplay goes far beyond the battle royale genre.

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There is hardly a better example than the actress Michelle Rodriguez. She appeared in such popular films as The Fast & The Furious (2001) and Avatar (2009). She then wowed critics in the drama Widows (2018). But Rodriguez has been a gamer for as long as she has been an actress - although that may not be well known. She told Yahoo that she blames her brother for introducing her to the Doom franchise, which became her enduring craze. However, Rodriguez doesn't have time for fantasy games - for them it has to be FPS games or nothing at all.

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The popular and far too early deceased actor, who starred in films such as Aladdin (1992), Good Will Hunting (1997) and Jumanji (1995), was known for his love of interactive media, especially everything to do with Nintendo Has. Williams starred in an iconic series of commercials in which he and his daughter played the final version of the Legend Of Zelda franchise on Nintendo 3DS. The actor's love for the series went far beyond willingness to play in a marketing campaign for Nintendo. Because the name of his real daughter, who plays next to him in the commercials, is ...? Zelda - named after the games he promoted. Apparently Robin Williams was as big a fan as any of us. Maybe an even bigger one!

So next time you storm a beach with your train or raid a dungeon with your guild, keep in mind that one member of your squad may be more than what the screen name suggests. It could even be Superman.

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