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888Sport review, experience and evaluation

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The well-known 888 Group has been offering sports betting on the Internet with its branch portal 888Sport since 2008. The betting portal shows at various angles that there are absolute professionals behind the scenes. With the opening of the offer for the German betting market, the bookie, especially known in Great Britain, is now also spreading its feelers towards the German betting market.


Reason enough to take a close look at the Bookie in our 10-point review. The bookmaker was able to convince us above all with its betting program, the mobile betting offer and the deposit options. Even the quota key does not have to shy away from a comparison.

All in all, the betting provider comes off quite satisfactorily. The details are presented in more detail below, depending on the test category.


Table of contents 888Sport test report

For a better overview, we have divided our experience with the sports betting provider 888Sport into the following important test areas, which you can access directly with a click on the desired content


Basic information about the bookmaker 888Sport


The test results in the ten categories:
  1. The 888Sport website(8/10 points)
  2. The 888Sport betting program(9/10 points)
  3. The 888Sport betting odds(8/10 points)
  4. Live betting at 888Sport(8/10 points)
  5. Login and registration(10/10 points)
  6. Betting account deposit and withdrawal(9/10 points)
  7. 888Sport betting bonus for new customers(9/10 points)
  8. Placing bets at 888Sport (10/10 points)
  9. Mobile betting at 888Sport (9/10 points)
  10. Customer service and seriousness from 888Sport(7/10 points)

General information about 888Sport

All those sports fans who have dared to think outside the box should at least be familiar with the name of this bookie. No wonder, as the betting provider is a subsidiary of the world-famous 888 Group and, as a partner of Birmingham City, an integral part of British football.

The Israel-based company, with over 25 million registered users, is one of the largest in the entire online gaming business and is listed on the London Stock Exchange, which in turn guarantees the highest level of transparency.

In addition, the website operated by 888 Holdings has already received several awards.

888Sport - all facts at a glance

Betting provider comes from:Gibraltar
Founding year of the company:2008
Online sports betting since:2008
Number of Employees:n / a
Betting licenses:Gibraltar, GB
German license:No
Number of bettors:n / a
Bonus for new customers:100% up to 100 euros
Number of sports in the betting offer:Around 35 different sports
Live bets per day:Depending on the day of the week, between 100 and 200 live betting markets per day
Minimum deposit to the betting account:5 euros
Minimum stake per bet:1 dollar
Maximum winnings:250,000 euros per bet
Available deposit methods:Credit card, paysafecard, skrill, neteller, instant transfer and much more.
Deposit fees:no
Available withdrawal methods:Bank transfer, wire transfer
Payout duration:Different depending on the payment method
Withdrawal Fees:no
German customer service:Not available, only German FAQs
all sports betting providers in comparison

In view of this, there is nothing to be shaken about the seriousness of 888Sport. Especially since betting licenses from Gibraltar, where the bookmaker's head office is also located, and from Great Britain ensure that the company undergoes regular checks and meets the EU-wide standards.

Some time ago, however, the bookie stopped its involvement in Germany. In the meantime, the Bookie is available again with its range in the entire German-speaking area. In addition, 888Sport offers nine other language choices.

With its millions of customers, 888 Holdings is one of the most successful gaming operators in the world

1. The 888Sport website (8/10 points)

After visiting the website, newbies will first and foremost literally catch the eye of the unconventional color selection. In addition to a black background, the bookmaker also uses a rather bright orange as a signal color.

A double-edged sword, as shown during our test. On the one hand, for example, the odds are highlighted relatively well, on the other hand, text passages in orange on a grayish-black background do not necessarily prove to be the ultimate wisdom.

In general, the contrasts are not always chosen happily, but since tastes are known to be different, one can argue about it.

Picture above:
This is how 888Sport presents itself to its customers online.

At 888Sports, you trust the tried and tested when it comes to page structure. As with most of the competition, the homepage consists of three modules: while the fold-out sports betting menu is on the left, a slideshow was set up in the middle with information about the betting offer of interest to the customer, as well as a selection of highlights from the upcoming live events.

The electronic betting slip can then be found, as usual, in the right outer column. Current highlights from the world of sports are specially highlighted in the middle of the page. Otherwise, the desired menu items can be controlled easily and very intuitively via the main menu.

There is also a helpful search function on the 888Sport betting page, which underlines the user-friendliness of the site.

2. The 888Sport betting program (9/10 points)

The betting offer from 888Sport can definitely be described as extensive. Although it has now become difficult to stand out from the competition with an opulent sportsbook, not every bookie shakes around 35 different sports out of his sleeve.

From A for American Football to Y for Yachting - 888Sport has the right sport ready for almost every letter in the alphabet. Including the Boboll, largely unknown to Central Europeans, the Finnish counterpart to American baseball.

Even winter sports, which are neglected by many betting providers, are not neglected at 888Sport. In addition to biathlon and cross-country skiing, you can also bet on alpine skiing and ski jumping. The offer is rounded off by the social betting, horse and greyhound races that are popular in Great Britain, and even the increasingly popular virtual sport is represented by the “Counter Strike” and “Dota” markets.


Although the main focus, as usual, is on the weather's favorite child, football, 888Sport also impresses with a wide range of other sports.

For example, there are around a dozen different leagues to choose from in the volleyball category. The betting provider is even more detailed when it comes to basketball. Here 888Sport offers over 20 different competitions.

A similarly diverse offer is also served to tennis fans who can bet down to challenger level and lovers of rugby and cricket, which are particularly popular in Great Britain.

Left picture: The selection of different sports at 888Sport is impressive. The Bookie has almost 40 different sports markets in its program

As mentioned in the previous lines, however, king football plays a separate role. While the major European leagues are well covered by the bookmaker - for example, you can bet in the regional leagues in Germany - the selection of particularly exotic football markets is limited.

Furthermore, in most countries, with the exception of the major soccer nations, the offer ends after the second division. In return, the range of special and long-term bets is quite good.

Not only do matches from the top leagues result in over 100 different betting options, but also games from smaller countries often scratch three-digit values. Antepost bettors can look forward to their own category, which houses a wide variety of long-term bets on the subject of football.

However, compromises have to be made in other sports. Here, the selection of special or ante-post bets is based on the popularity of the competition, with even larger events not matching those options in football.

3. The 888Sport betting odds (8/10 points)

A tried and tested method of comparing the different bookmakers and their betting odds is to calculate the average payout key. This indicates how high the percentage of income is returned to your own customers via the odds.

Fortunately, 888Sport turns out to be extremely generous in this regard. With an average payout ratio of approx. 93%, the bookie has followed on the heels of the leading competition.

Particularly noticeable: while some betting providers show high discrepancies between the individual sports and leagues, the payout rate at 888Sport actually levels off at the level of the general average in most categories.

Not only do football or tennis have a ratio of well over 90%, but also a large number of other sports such as ice hockey or rugby.

Picture above: Even in the lower game classes, 888Sport still offers a respectable pay-out ratio

The differences in the individual leagues are correspondingly small. If most of the Bundesliga games at 888Sport have a payout key of 95%, that in the 2nd Bundesliga is only slightly below that at 93-94%.

This stability has its price, however, because while other bookmakers keep showing up events with payout keys well above the average, such “outliers” are difficult to find at 888Sport. In return, however, bettors are spoiled with constant payout rates even with live bets.

If some bookmakers like to keep a bigger piece of the pie for themselves at live events, the odds keys at 888Sport in the prematch and live betting area are located in similar spheres.

4. Live betting at 888Sport (8/10 points)

Apart from the high quota level, there is not much that is extraordinary to report about the 888Sport live betting center. Neither in a negative nor in a positive sense.

In terms of presentation, the live betting area does not differ that much from the conventional sportsbook, but overall it is a little clearer. However, this is solely due to the smaller bet selection.

888Sport has several different sports on offer during the week, but overall the selection is considerably smaller.

Especially when you compare it to live betting Croesus Bet365. While we were only able to discuss six different sports in the live betting center during our test procedure on 888Sport, there were twice as many at the same time with Brit-Bookie.

The conclusion on the special betting offer is similar. However, it is certainly not the bookie's claim to get into the ring with the undisputed number one straight away when it comes to live betting.

Picture above: The live betting center from 888 Sports - with an overview, bets and live information on the game.


In comparison with smaller online bookies, the live betting center from 888Sport does relatively well. In any case, the ordinary average tipper will hardly know anything to complain about in the offer, since the most important events and markets are covered in any case.


In order to increase the overview, the bookmaker offers a search function and real-time information as well as the option of marking individual events as favorites.


Although more and more bookmakers are now using these tools, this is by no means part of the standard repertoire of all providers.

5. Registration and registration (10/10 points)

An account can be set up at 888Sport in three easy steps. The first thing to do is to click the “Register” button, which has a green signal color.

Afterwards, the first and last name, email address as well as the country and date of birth must be given as appropriate. Once again, the bookmaker is asked to confirm that they are of legal age. But be careful! In the same "breath", the general terms and conditions are accepted at the same time. In the second part, the user name and password are set up.

Picture above: The 888Sport betting account is set up in three short steps. Unfortunately, German customers are not allowed to do this.

As usual, some security standards must be taken into account (length, characters, etc.). As an additional protection, the new customer must also answer a security question. On the other hand, you do not have to enter the password again.

If a typo has crept in, it is annoying that you only notice it when you register. In the last step, you have to provide precise information about your current place of residence and a mobile phone number.

Furthermore, it is necessary to follow the confirmation link received on the email address given above and thus activate the betting account.

6. Betting account deposit and withdrawal (9/10 points)

A definite plus point of this bookie is the large selection of different deposit options. The most popular credit card providers are represented with Visa, Mastercard and Dinersclub.

There are also countless other options available, including depositing via Paysafecard, Neteller, Paypal, Maestro and Skrill. Even paying by phone is not a problem with this bookmaker. In addition, 888Sport is not a shame to attach a detailed description to each payment option.

Picture above: There is something for everyone when it comes to deposit options. In any case, there is nothing to complain about in this regard.

Fortunately, the minimum amounts to be transferred are chosen to be quite moderate at 10 euros. If CashUp is specified as the transfer method, even deposits of 5 euros are possible. However, it is not advisable to transfer money by telegram, as the transfer only starts at a whopping 75 euros.


Members who have verified their identity are better protected against fraud and therefore have higher deposit limits and reduced withdrawal restrictions.


With regard to the payout, it can be said that the most common payment options are also available here. Here the withdrawal limit is set at 10 euros. 888Sport does not have any processing fees - neither for deposits nor for withdrawals.

7. 888Sport betting bonus (9/10 points)

Just as the bookie draws on well-tried concepts in many respects, the bonus at 888Sport can just as confidently be described as classic. The offer for new customers from Germany and Austria is namely a deposit bonus in the tried and tested manner - of a maximum of € 100.

The bookmaker has come up with something special for customers from Austria and Germany: The first deposit is increased by 100% and can therefore give the neo-user up to 100 euros in additional betting credit.

Picture above: New 888Sport customers receive double the deposit amount as a welcome bonus.


To get the bonus credited, you have to play through an amount equal to the bonus amount with odds of at least 1.50 once. In order to pay out the bonus received, it must be used at least six times with odds of at least 1.50 within 60 days. Conditions of participation

Only when these steps have been taken by the user can the welcome gift be credited to the betting account.


Can because the actual credit is only carried out when the entire deposit amount has been used at least once with a rate of 1.5 or higher.

Finally, the conditions regarding the bonus are as follows: Before a possible payout, the entire bonus amount must be wagered 6 times. Again, the odds of 1.5 or higher apply so that a bet qualifies for the fulfillment of the bonus conditions.

8. Placing a bet (10/10 points)

The placing of bets follows the usual commercial principle: on the right side is the electronic betting slip, which can be filled continuously when navigating through the page.

Once you have made your selection, you can choose between a single, combination or system bet on the betting slip.

The possible profit is then automatically added up and appears under the input window for the wagering amount.

Figure on the right: the betting slip for submitting sports bets to the betting provider 888Sport

Then click on the “Place a bet” button and you're done.

However, 888Sport also has a small gadget ready: If you switch from “betting slip” to “pending”, you get an overview of all pending tips.

9. Mobile betting at 888Sport (9/10 points)

888Sport recognized the signs of the times quite early and was one of the first betting companies to offer its content in responsive web design.

Customers who want to get in on their cell phone, for example, have several options for doing this.

Either you navigate to the page normally via the mobile phone browser or you visit the app shop, where Android or iOS users can use the in-house application.

Since the bookie takes the subject of mobile betting very seriously, the website can alternatively even scan the QR code or send a link via SMS to your own mobile phone, where it is described in detail how to install the app on the mobile phone. Let's call that a service!

In addition, the mobile access at 888Sport includes the entire betting offer, as well as all service functions of the classic betting site.

10. Customer service & seriousness (7/10 points)

One could have been equally ambitious when it comes to customer service. Unfortunately, this was not done, as we were able to identify considerable weaknesses in this regard.

While the FAQ area, which can be found under both the “Help” and “Contact” tabs, is quite detailed and is also in German, the rest of the offers for getting help are inadequate.

It is only possible to send a personal question to customer service via email. To do this, however, you need patience and you will receive a response regardless of the day of the week and time of day, but usually only after around 24 hours. If you have to go fast, you look through the fingers at 888Sport, at least if the assistance is to be provided free of charge.

There is no live chat. The hotline (+ 350-200-41387) is chargeable, after all, the call goes directly to the headquarters in Gibraltar. In addition, the phone number is extremely difficult to find on the website.

Another minus point: With the exception of the FAQs, all assistance is provided in English, which means that tipsters without a good knowledge of foreign languages ​​have no way of asking a question that differs from the FAQs. Unfortunately, here, too, one or the other question leads to the English-language part of the help section.

In terms of seriousness, however, there is nothing to complain about.


In view of the fact that a world-famous and listed company is pulling the strings in the background, customers can pursue their passion for betting on 888Sport with a clear conscience.