What are the types of magic tricks

Magic tricks & card tricks


When the first playing cards appeared in Europe in the 14th century, their possession was reserved exclusively for the nobility. Because their production was very expensive because all cards were hand drawn. When a century later, with a new letterpress printing process, production became easier, prices naturally fell and the playing cards conquered Europe.


The various magicians quickly recognized their attraction to the audience and it wasn't long before the first card tricks were performed.


In the 16th century, card tricks and trick cards were widespread and popular with magicians and the public alike. One reason why magic tricks with playing cards are so popular is that everyone has had a deck of cards in their hands at some point.


The Viennese magician Johann Hofzinser was one of the first famous magicians who dedicated a large part of his magic program to card tricks. In the 19th century, many card tricks were developed that are still used successfully today. Other artists such as Servais le Roy and Nat Leipzig created programs that dealt exclusively with the popular card tricks. The card tricks and card fan tricks of Richard Pitchfort, who called himself "Cardini", are unmatched to this day. Unfortunately, some card skills have been and continue to be used for fraudulent purposes in gambling.


Trick cards


To play with normal playing cards such. B. The Bicycle Cards or the Bicycle Supreme Line, to show amazing magic tricks takes some practice. While this is the cheapest branch of wizardry, it is also the most time-consuming.


It is easier here with special trick cards or whole trick card games. When it comes to trick cards, there are double back cards, double face cards, cards with a blank front or blank back, and so on.


Over the centuries, innumerable types of trick cards have been developed for card tricks. But the ingenuity was not limited to individual trick cards; complete trick card games were designed. The best known are the Svengali Deck and the Stripper Deck. Special marked cards (marked cards) were and are also produced. Here you can see the front of a card from the back. Probably the most extensive marked card game is the Deland Automatic Deck.