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Cena's honor vs. Seth's reputation

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Kneisel: For me the absolute lowlight on the card. We have had the pairing several times, but it has never been really great. The same applies to the moderate build-up, which is due to the lack of plan of the writers in relation to both men. Since Sheamus as the porter, according to WWE logic, has to lose every relevant match before cash-in, I guess Randy Orton.

Hinselmann: Since the place of the lowlight is already occupied by the IC match, I only give this match the penultimate position. But otherwise everything is said. Even after about two months, the feud is just as irrelevant, if not more irrelevant, than it was at the beginning. One can only hope that other pairings will not have match time here and that it will be over quickly. I also bet on a win of Randy Orton.

U.S. Champion John Cena vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins

Hinselmann: What Seth has brought up in the last few weeks has been a really big movie and proves that he is perfectly rightfully the champ. He almost single-handedly kept the feud alive with great promos. The signing of the contract was an absolute masterpiece on both sides. For me this is clearly the main event of this year's SummerSlam.

The match will be absolutely exciting. I find it extremely difficult to bet on a winner. On the one hand, it seems unrealistic that Rollins will hold both titles. At the same time, there is absolutely no point in giving both belts to Cena. A realistic scenario could be that with a draw or DQ both titles stay where they are or Sheamus comes and cashes his suitcase. However, I would find both cases terrible. Even if I sincerely hope that Seth is shown strong and that he can keep his title, I see the one that has destroyed everything since his defeat by Owens John Cena as top favorites to win.

Kneisel: First of all, I have to fully agree with you: Cena's injury meant that you were supposedly in a very difficult position, but with Seth's promos and the outstanding performances of everyone involved in the signing of the contract, this match was more than saved. In particular, Cena's provocation towards Seth and Triple H at the end was overwhelming and thoroughly fueled the rivalry. I also find it incredibly difficult to get a tip or find it almost impossible. You can always trust the WWE to hold a draw / no contest, but it would be a shame in this match.

So can Seth, who was last completely destroyed by Lesnar, suddenly defeat the Golden Boy? Or do you let Cena finish Rollins' previously weak title run? I don't really want to please both variants. It is clear that the WWE has been influenced by the latest Ring of Honor developments here.

There the "Midcard" champion Jay Lethal surprisingly dethroned the seemingly invincible overface Jay Briscoe and thus secured both RoH singles titles. As shocking as I would find it, I assume that the weaker heel (despite the different title constellation) will triumph here too: Seth Rollins wins the US title and can complain from Monday about having to contest two title matches per PPV.

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

Kneisel: One and a half years after the end of the streak, the Undertaker returns, uses the cheapest heel tactics and saves the top wheel of the WWE the very best as well as the WWE title. Viewed through the Mark glasses, this structure does not make the slightest sense. Still, the raw brawl a few weeks ago was absolutely great.

Keyword: "I'm gonna kill you!" You buy from both of them that they hate each other and want to defeat each other at all costs - which the Dead Man has made more than clear with his Low Blows. It feels like the Undertaker should win here, otherwise I absolutely don't understand why the match was scheduled at all. On the other hand, he was able to clear Brock surprisingly clearly on Monday, and unlike the taker, Lesnar still has some plans.

The People's Champ is back!

How believable it would be that an aging, umpteen times injured Undertaker, who still had problems with Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania, now defeats the man who in the last 16 months broke the streak, destroyed John Cena and most recently with the reigning one Champ wiped the mat? With the best will in the world, I can't imagine a scenario in which the taker wins clean and a dirty win - low kicks or not - just doesn't suit him. Call it wishful thinking, but I still tap it Brock Lesnar.

Hinselmann: As you said, it's hard as hell to come up with clear thoughts about this feud. The main reason for generating mainstream attention through the pairing, of course, popped up. What else you want to achieve with this pairing, however, is absolutely questionable.

You absolutely CANNOT let the Undertaker win here. If the taker is actually allowed to defeat Lesnar on Sunday, the following questions arise: Why did the streak have to be broken 16 months ago? You give Lesnar a HUGE momentum at WM30, which he should pass on to the next generation through a defeat, and now it is simply given away to a senseless defeat against the taker? The fact is, the streak is over and the taker absolutely doesn't need this win.

Since the match is now scheduled (absolutely pointless from a content point of view) Lesnar needs the win, otherwise the entire Beast booking has buckled since his return and a win against Brock would no longer have the same rank as before. I beg the WWE to give Brock Lesnar the win. However, I have the bad feeling that Vince, HHH or whoever is in favor of a victory of the Undertakers pronounces.


Hinselmann: The SummerSlam Card managed to satisfy all groups of fans and interested parties. The Indy fans get Cesaro vs. Owens, the kiddies get to watch Cena fight for the title and the mainstream audience is drawn in by names like Jon Steward, Stephen Amell and of course the main event Taker vs. Lesnar. Well done WWE! Ten matches is a lot.

The card is basically very solid and apart from the IC match has no total slack. There is a lot of mediocrity and with Cena vs. Rollins, KO vs. Cesaro and the Divas Match, three absolute highlights are on the card for me. Even if we probably won't experience anything historical on Sunday night, we are facing a strong SummerSlam.

The most beautiful sports presenters worldwide

The fear that Lesnar's entire momentum, which should actually be transferred to a younger wrestler, will flow back to the taker and thereby turn WM30 into a farce, is just as great as before Seth's demotion. So it can be an evening with a big, but just as well - or even more likely - with a disastrous end.

Kneisel: With the extension to four hours and the frequent emphasis that the Lesnar vs. Undertaker rematch was "too big for WrestleMania", the WWE once again clearly underlined the importance of SummerSlam in the meantime. This strong card fits this with two absolutely bombastic main events, the results of which are completely open. Furthermore, as you already mentioned, all tastes can be satisfied with the rest of the card.

Only Orton vs. Sheamus does not appeal to me personally, but it is without question a top-class match that rounds off the card. The second largest PPV on the WWE calendar has a lot to offer and the unbelievable excitement alone ensures great anticipation.

I definitely do not share your comment that nothing historical will happen. Whether Taker or Lesnar, whether Cena wins his 16th World Title or Seth actually overthrows the poster boy - these results will be historic in any case. Add to that big matches at KO vs. Cesaro and Shield vs. Wyatts, and SummerSlam can become one of the top PPVs in 2015. Let's get this party started!

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