If I were invisible for a day

What would you do if you could be invisible for a day?

Melissa Willhaus, Bachelor

"If I were invisible for a day, I would sneak in to the exam correction and correct my answers."

Hannes Baader, Master

“I would like to look over the shoulder of one of my professors to see what he's doing all day. I'm interested in whether the professors really work something. "

Noël Dornonville de la Cour, Master

“I would take the opportunity and go to the White House. Otherwise I would never get in there. Maybe then I would even try to get hold of secrets. "

Raffael Riemann, Bachelor

"If I were invisible, I would no longer mind taking part in a survey."

Aline Gallay, master

“Personally, I don't want to be invisible, I have no reason for that. That would be boring! I prefer to live ... »

Michael Toscanelli, Bachelor

“I think I would go to the ladies' room, otherwise I would never be able to go. I am interested in the conversations that are being held there. It's unbelievable how much women whisper! "

Garry Spanz, master

“There are a lot of places I would probably never go, so I would try to get on a plane. Maybe I would fly to North Africa or to the south of France, in any case it should be warmer there than here in St. Gallen. "

Gregory Hammer, Bachelor

“It would be very exciting to take a look at the Queen's bedroom. However, I would only go there when she is not there herself. I'm just interested in how she lives. "