How can I watch HD movies watch movies for free - is it legal?

If you don't feel like spending a lot of money on films and series, you can use the free streaming provider. is one of them - but is that legal?

At you can find a lot of films and series, including blockbusters and films that are currently still showing in theaters. So why spend money on streaming providers or going to the cinema, some people will ask themselves and comfortably stream their favorite film via But that's not all that safe.

You can see legal streaming providers that you can fall back on in our Video:

Streaming via allowed? was previously available under The mere fact that you apparently change the URL here regularly - similar to, which became - should seem suspicious. The fact that films are already being offered here that are still showing in the cinema clearly shows that this is an illegal area. After all, the film has only just begun to make money - so it is definitely not in the interests of the actors and makers that the film is already available free of charge on the Internet. For a long time, however, it was not clear whether streaming would be classified as illegal at all. After all, the movie is not saved and accordingly is not owned.

Streaming on free sites like is (almost always) illegal

The European Court of Justice clarified this in 2017. We have briefly summarized the legal situation for you here:

  • The Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) put an end to the discussions with a ruling from April 2017 in order to protect the rights of authors and licensees substantially. The ruling obliges users of streaming services to check before watching a stream whether it is an obviously illegal submission.
  • If you watch an illegal stream against your better knowledge, you are liable to copyright law
  • Providers of free streams such as (formerly, (formerly Movie2k) and so on are clearly illegal.
  • Pretending to be ignorant in court should no longer be worthwhile after the ECJ ruling at the latest.

These alternatives to & Co. are legal and affordable:

Alternatives to An overview of legal streaming providers

We clearly advise against the use of and all other free streaming providers if you are not sure about the legal situation. Especially nowadays there are many inexpensive alternatives that will keep you from a heavy fine or even jail sentence. You can find a few of them in our list:

You can find out which streaming provider suits you best with our quiz:

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