What are the best beaches in Mexico

The most beautiful beaches in Mexico

Almost 10,000 kilometers of coastline make Mexico a true paradise for beach vacationers. You have the choice between paradisiacal bays on the Pacific, wide sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and the powdery white picture-perfect beaches of the Caribbean coast on the southern Mexican peninsula of Yucatán. Look forward to coconut palms, species-rich coral reefs, mangrove forests and magical islets. Whether relaxing in a luxurious resort, drinking cocktails at the beach bar or a surfer atmosphere in the small fishing village - a beach holiday in Mexico offers something for every taste. Our selection includes the ten most beautiful beaches in Mexico.

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These are the 10 most beautiful dream beaches in Mexico

Playa Marlin

This dream beach is located in Cancun, in the northeast of Yucatán in the Zona Hotelera, a long lagoon that is lined with some fantastic beaches. You can expect the finest, white sand, turquoise blue water and an imposing skyline. Swim in the warm water and look forward to a varied range of water sports. For example, vacationers at Playa Marlín can go jet skiing, kite surfing or sailing.

Our tip: Beaches are generally public in Mexico. However, due to the densely packed hotels, access in Cancun is not always easy. The adjacent beach section is easy to reach Playa Delfines in the southernmost part of the hotel zone.

Playa Norte

When it comes to choosing the best beaches in Mexico, Playa Norte is often mentioned. The magical beach on the north coast of Isla Mujeres lures with white sand, turquoise shimmering water and lots of palm trees. Since the water is very shallow, children can splash around here. Make yourself comfortable with a book and watch the pelicans fly. The largely car-free Isla Mujeres is right outside Cancún and can be explored on foot or by golf cart.

Our tip: Don't miss the breathtaking sunset at Playa Norte.

Akumal Beach

Another beach paradise is Akumal, a small coastal town on the Riviera Maya between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. The sheltered bays are perfect for families with children. However, the highlight of Akumal is the Sea turtleswho are here in front of the reef in the seagrass beds. If you like, you can take part in a guided snorkeling tour, where you can observe the gentle animals up close. There are also areas where you can dive without a guide.

Our tip: If you want to experience the turtles in peace, it is best to come to the beach in the early hours of the morning.

Playa de Tulum

Of course, the beach in Tulum should not be missing on this list. Tulum is a seaside resort about 60km south of Playa del Carmen. In addition to its kilometer-long sandy beaches, it is above all for its impressive Mayan pyramids known. If you like, you can spend the night in comfortable bungalow complexes right by the sea in Tulum and fall asleep to the sound of the waves. The beach is so extensive that you can always find a quiet spot. If you want a little more activity, you can dare to go kitesurfing on the board.

Our tip: The beach section Playa Paraíso, from where you can even enjoy the view of the Mayan ruins, is barely built on.

Carrizalillo Beach

The Pacific coast of Mexico also has some wonderful beaches. The Playa Carrizalillo deserves special mention. The 200m long beach is located in the state of Oaxaca near Puerto Escondido. The bay is lined with light sand and deep green, subtropical vegetation. As the water is usually calm, swimming and snorkeling are perfect here.

Our tip: You can only reach the beach via steep stone stairs. So enjoy the breathtaking view of the bay before descending.

Playa Maruata

A real insider tip, however, are the often deserted beaches in the state of Michoacán, which is also located on the Pacific. The golden beaches around the fishing village of Maruata are particularly attractive. Playa Maruata is ideal for swimming. Dedo de Dios, which means “finger of God” in German, also offers a spectacular backdrop. This name is due to the bizarre rock formation that juts out of the sea there.

Our tip: A good time to travel to Maruata is from June to December, when sea turtles come to the beaches at night to lay their eggs.

Playa Escondida

A different kind of beach awaits you on the uninhabited archipelago Islas Marietas. This is just 8km off the coast of the Punta Mita peninsula, near Puerto Vallarta. The Islas Marietas are especially famous for Playa Escondida. The Hidden Beach, as it is also called, is hidden under a hill with a large hole in the middle. If you want to reach the beach, you have to swim through a water tunnel. An effort that is worthwhile, because the atmosphere of the cave beach is really mystical.

Our tip: Pack your binoculars, because numerous species of birds live on the protected islands.

Sayulita Beach

In the state of Nayarit, about 40 km north of Puerto Vallarta, you can sunbathe on the beautiful Playa Sayulita. With its white sand and lush rainforest that almost reaches the sea, this is one of the top beaches in Mexico. You will find various hotels and restaurants at the two curved bays. Treat yourself to a refreshing cocktail and let the sight of the tall palm trees and the deep blue ocean sink in. Playa Sayulita also offers the best conditions for surfing.

Our tip: Take a boat tour along the coast for a good chance of spotting whales and dolphins.

Playa Balandra

Another beach that makes holidaymakers' hearts beat faster is Balandra Beach near La Paz on the peninsula Baja California in northwest Mexico. The water in the round bay is very shallow, so you can easily wade over to the other, pristine side. The light blue, shallow water, the light sand and the surrounding barren mountains offer an incomparable panorama. Children can swim safely here and if you like, you can borrow a canoe and glide over the mirror-smooth surface of the water.

Our tip: Don't forget your goggles to snorkel in the crystal clear waters.

Playa del Amor

Playa del Amor is located in front of the holiday stronghold of Cabo San Lucas at the southernmost point of Baja California. The beach is located on a headland and can only be reached by boat or on foot. Translated, Playa del Amor means "beach of love". While this is on the lovely inside of the bay, the neighboring Playa del Divorcio ("Beach of Divorce") borders on the wilder, open Pacific. From Playa del Amor you have a fantastic view of the striking rock El Arco.

Our tip: Gray whales can often be seen in the bay between December and March.

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