How can I prepare GA for SSC

At least as an external person, I can't leave that with benevolence as it is. After dropping out of my studies and 22 years of professional experience, I wanted to at least get the IHK degree, no problem in writing.

Verbally it was a disaster: called into the room 10 minutes late, first I was allowed to move tables, a cable drum had to be obtained from the caretaker so that there was electricity near the table at all. I was not allowed to use the existing projector, my own caused problems after a few minutes - I have it permanently in operation at home via Miracast, the connection at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce broke off after a few minutes and I was allowed to plug in an HDMI cable. During the presentation, I was allowed to explain to the examiner what an external person was (he only knew trainees and retraining), there were further questions - everything ran out of time, in the end it was canceled after 16 minutes.

Then a couple of interesting questions in the technical discussion: How would you implement a queue (array or simply linked list), when Arraylist vs. LinkedList (depending on whether the number of elements is known / constant, both rather unsuitable for a queue (e.g. O (n) when removing the first element in the ArrayList), LinkedList is a doubly linked list, at least in C #), 4 components of a project calculation - when I asked, I wasn't sure what it was all about, I started with project and overheads, he wanted to hear wage, production, material costs + profit, but I only know this list as 6 points including procurement and capital costs).

Then there was the funny remark that he expects someone with my experience to do a more technically demanding project.

Wow, a SPA application with cron expression generator and SSE-based real-time update, report generation and e-mail dispatch / evaluation via Exchange API is not enough for him for a week of programming?

Well, result: Part A failed,
but I wouldn't call it benevolent.