What makes an artist portfolio great

Create an artist portfolio

Highlight your best pieces.If you've been an artist for a while, you likely have a range of pieces, from your best, to the really good, the mediocre, and the rather bad. It can be tempting to showcase your really good work alongside your best. However, these two categories should be separated. You don't just want to showcase your really good work. You want to show your best. Those pieces of whose quality, craftsmanship, artistic representation and creativity you are one hundred percent convinced.
  • Choose your work carefully and not just because of its diversity. It's better to show solid works of art that differ little in medium or style than mediocre art that varies a lot.[5]
  • It is difficult to judge one's own art without bias. Ask friends what your best pieces are. Finding a mentor in your field can also be helpful. Look for someone with artistic talent who has been in your position at one point and can help you with your difficult decisions. The good thing is, you can rely on this person's judgment because they already have artistic experience.
  • Never go for pieces that copy someone else's work. Admissions offices and employers have already examined thousands of portfolios and will likely recognize when you've copied your artwork from a photographer or other artwork. This also shows your lack of creativity and your inability to create art from the real world.[6]