Can I trust the dentist

The prerequisite for this: a competent dentist who can be trusted.

Why trusting the dentist is so important

Without our teeth, we would not be able to eat with pleasure. It is all the more important to keep them healthy. This can be achieved with care and provision. With a regular visit to the dentist you can ensure that you can enjoy your teeth for a long time. However, many people shy away from making an appointment for a check-up. What is just uncomfortable for some can lead to a dentist phobia for others. But there are ways and means to overcome your fear of the dentist. A competent contact person for so-called "anxiety patients" in Dresden is, for example, the dentist Dr. Frank Seidel, who sometimes first acts as a therapist and then as a dentist. Dr. Seidel knows the dentist phobia of patients very well and also knows where this can lead in an emergency, because if you have not allowed a dentist to approach you for years, you can face severe collateral damage up to blood poisoning and in the worst scenario this can also lead to Cause death.

Looking for a dentist?

Whether after a move or a negative experience, sometimes you have to look for a new dentist. There are several contact points to find this. We show some of them:

  • Rating portals on the Internet
  • Lists of statutory health insurance companies
  • Search via the German Dental Association
  • Tips from friends
  • Research on the Internet

This is how you recognize a good dentist

Eating healthy shouldn't be a reason to avoid the regular check-up appointment at the dentist. Because: Even healthy things can damage your teeth. Once you have found a competent dentist, he not only carries out the necessary treatments, but also takes into account the patient's individual lifestyle. How do certain foods affect dental health? What prophylactic measures can I take at home? You should be able to clarify all of these questions with your dentist. This is already a first indication of whether you have chosen the right specialist.

The following criteria are also decisive for a good dentist:

  • a competent initial consultation and a thorough initial examination
  • Recall system with which the patient can be reminded of the dental check-up appointments if desired
  • Advice and freedom of choice in treatments
  • Advice on daily oral hygiene and tooth decay prevention
  • well-equipped practice with modern equipment

A relationship of trust is particularly important

Scheduling and organization of the dental practice should also play a role. Good dentists ensure that waiting times are short so that no patient has to sit in the waiting room for hours. The most important criterion, however, is still the relationship of trust. Whether this is available can be seen from how many of the following questions can be answered with "yes":

  • In the case of lengthy treatments that are divided into several appointments, is there a schedule that will be discussed with me?
  • Is the waiting time in the dental practice a maximum of half an hour?
  • Does my dentist take the time to explain to me which treatments should be performed and for what reasons? Are treatment alternatives mentioned?
  • Do I get an overview of the expected costs before the necessary treatments are carried out?
  • Is the treatment painless?
  • Is there a good cooperation between the dental assistant and the dentist?
  • Are prophylactic measures discussed so that the teeth remain healthy in the future?

This article was written in collaboration with the external editor K.-L. Leather.