How Much Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Cost

Laser Skin Resurfacing: the prices

Laser skin resurfacing on the face costs from € 1,500. Individual wrinkles, scars or pigment spots can also be removed for a three-digit sum.

Basically it is the cost of laser wrinkle removal depending on the area to be treated, the personalrequirements of the patients who need it in the individual case Pre- and aftercare as well as the Objectives of the treatment. We therefore ask for your understanding that we are at this point no flat rates for laser skin resurfacing. A detailed Statement of costs Of course, you will receive it from your treating specialist after the consultation.

On the Internet you will - especially if you look at the websites of foreign colleagues - Laser treatments at significantly lower prices. However, when receiving treatment abroad, you should not forget that you will also receive the Travel and accommodation costsandthe catering have to carry. In addition, a Follow-up care in Germany It may be necessary to do this by specialists in this country in the event of treatment abroad rarely done becomes.

Cheap laser treatments are also available from Beauty and cosmetic studios offered. Here, however, you will not be affected by qualified doctorsto advise, nor can you really rely on that effective and safe devices be used.