What is the smallest bedroom size

20 wonderful bedrooms less than 6 square meters

Every room has a special charm, but the bedroom is an important retreat that requires a lot of attention when setting up. However, when it is very small, the task often becomes a real challenge, where every detail must be done with the utmost care and dedication.

In the last few decades we have seen a tendency to reduce the size of habitable areas, which of course also has an impact on the size of the bedroom. Nowadays there are a lot of bedrooms that are 6 square feet or even less. That is why more and more of us are asking ourselves how to furnish a small bedroom or a children's room. Over the course of time, more and more experts have dealt with this topic and created completely new ideas to create unique rooms on a few square meters.

But what exactly should you do if the bedroom is 6 m2 or less? In this book of ideas we take a journey through 20 small bedrooms that invite you to dream. We'll also give you some tips on how to set up and decorate a small bedroom with furniture and how to make the most of the space available.

The bedroom planning

Planning is even more important for small rooms, i.e. small bedrooms, children's rooms or kitchens and living rooms than for larger rooms. After all, every square meter needs to be used perfectly and wasting space is something you can't afford to do with small rooms. But don't worry: we'll show you how to get the most out of small rooms. Setting up a room is more challenging - but not impossible! What is the minimum size of children's and teenagers' rooms? With a 9 sqm children's room you already have a lot of leeway. A set up? Even that is not a problem with the right furniture and good planning. You will see: the bedroom size is not always decisive! Do you still have space for a plant? Here you will find the best plants for your bedroom.

1. A neat ambience

It takes a lot of dedication and passion to create an attractive design in a space that is 7 square feet or less. The key is to create a personal atmosphere that is inspiring and relaxed at the same time. In order to achieve this, it is not necessary to fall back on countless elements, but to choose the objects with care and accuracy so that a harmonious overall picture is created.

2. Storage space solutions

Proper organization can create a wonderful bedroom even in a 5 square foot space. A certain order is the key to optimize visual perception. This requires intelligent storage space solutions. For example, the space at the foot of the bed is often perfect for a small closet.

3. Place pictures or photographs on the wall to add depth to a small bedroom.

4. Open living concepts

Adding more rooms, also known as open living, is a great way to reduce a feeling of cramped space. Especially when the dimensions are not as generous as we might wish. Removing barriers such as doors or walls will help add size to the bedroom.

5. Use the height of the room to give your bedroom a unique character.

7. If the bedroom needs to be divided, loft beds are ideal to optimize the horizontal space of the bedroom.

8. Adjust the size of the furniture

When it comes to furnishing a small bedroom, it is important to choose furniture that is suitable for the size of the room. Choose smaller elements that help you create space and gain more freedom of movement.

9. Look for alternatives that don't take up too much space

Lighting is an important factor in bedroom design. However, when size is limited, it takes a little ingenuity to create an attractive and functional design. Replacing the bedside lamps with two wall lights is a good alternative so as not to waste space for lighting.

11. Use a practical and functional decoration that will add a unique charm to your small bedroom.

12. Attach modular furniture to the walls

Modular furniture is perfect for small bedrooms. If you attach them to the wall, they ensure maximum utilization of the available space and are also a guarantee for optimal organization in the room.

14. Small rooms need clever ideas