What is the path to awareness

Our human, polarized, one-sided view of things is narrow and imperfect. We suffer from that. Because our black and white thinking implies the fight in various forms. From (small) devaluations to arguments to war and more ... The result: We are never really satisfied. Again and again our happiness is clouded. That is the lot of our ego. The ego condemns one or that characteristic in others and at the same time suffers from its condemnations because it is just like the side that rejects it.

What can we do?

Many try to stop the fight with their heads. So now there is no more fighting, now there is positive thinking. But that doesn't really work. Displacement leads to a lack of energy with all its consequences.

Trying to stand above human struggles with the intellect by dealing intellectually with both sides does not work well either. The feeling is missing. The energy is blocked.

Acting out both sides, sometimes the one, sometimes the other, which is just about to lead to deeper insights, but it wears you out quite a bit. And others too! The liberating aspect of living out emotionally is only ever short-term. What then comes back to you but often very painful. Of course, that can be instructive. But people are not really happy (or not for long) who openly let their feelings out. Exuberant joy quickly gives way to painful tears.

So what can we do?

Personally, I have only experienced one way that I have the safe feeling that it will take me further. It is the honest, sincere turning to the divine consciousness in my heart. This infinitely broad and benevolent, all implicit and at the same time above all consciousness, which many call God, only waits until we turn to him trustingly in order to be able to lead us out of the entanglements of the ego.

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Books by Rolf Börlin

The latest book: "Come to your senses - awareness is the way" shows what really matters in life and how liberating, happy processes of consciousness can continuously be our reality for all of us. Whether we are doing well or badly is not decided by blind fate, but by ourselves every day, and we get help through help from consciousness if we let it guide us and help us.
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The book "Freedom Comes from the Heart - The Development of Entanglement" shows the way inwards and shows how we can find support and orientation in the heart. There we have access to eternal consciousness, which is above all our ideas and opinions.
Honesty and humility get the source of the heart flowing - that is the simple secret to our happiness. This source of life shows us the way back to the lightness and freedom of our true being.
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In "The vegan soup cookbook" I'll show you 60 delicious vegan soup recipes for the whole year. There is a full-page color photo for each recipe.
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"No more the bad god
From the narrowness to freedom "

I am pleased to be able to pass on my knowledge and my heart's knowledge in book form.
The book was published by Tredition in 2016. Available in bookshops.
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