Which is the best Hayabusa or Harley

Suzuki Hayabusa: turbocharged bike with 650 hp

The Suzuki Hayabusa is that for many Superbike absolutely. Stand depending on the generation 175 hp and 312 km / h Tip or 197 hp and regulated 298 km / h in the data sheet. In addition, there is the unique appearance of the Japanese woman, optimized in the wind tunnel, her heavy weight and publicity that takes getting used to Acceleration attemptswhere they themselves Supercar has withdrawn. Stuff for a legend! So it's no wonder that mostly only experts look to the production version of the "Peregrine falcon"and they would throw in the towel here, because you need more than just skill for this Hayabusa.

A bike for speed records

The monster Hayabusa is at home on the drag strip. It cracks the 420 km / h mark without any effort.

© Becci Ellis

Mick Ellis from Great Britain built the machine in his home garageon because he's one Speed ​​recordwanted to set up. Most important modification is one GT35 turbochargerof Garrett,which leads to a real explosion in performance: With 119 octane fuelwhat is perhaps the most blatant Hayabusa in the world is unbelievable 650 hp! Almost every part of the 1300 four-cylinderhas revised Ellis. The oil filter, pistons and cylinder heads, the fuel pump and the cooler were either adapted to the exorbitant power or swapped immediately. The same applies to that transmissionand the Exhaust system. The frame, the bikesand the rear Brakescould be taken over from the standard Hayabusa. The forkalso comes from the basic motorcycle, but it had to be modified. With the new one Steering geometryhelped professionals with a motorsport background. The Swing armelongated Ellis four inches. That is why components like the chain come from the Drag racing sport. The front brakes were ultimately supplied by specialist PFM Performance.

Fastest woman with 425 km / h on a motorcycle

The pilot's name is Becci Ellis. She became the fastest woman on two wheels in 2014.

© Paul Fishwick

Who now expects Mick Ellis himself or a hardened one Professional racing driverventured into the saddle of the mega bike could hardly be further wrong: Mick's wife Beccitook over the helm and was im August 2014With 425 km / h(!) the fastest woman on a motorcycle. She surpassed the previous record by a whopping 32 km / h. And Becci Ellis holds her record to this day. When the mother of two tried to break her own record in 2015, she had an accident - but that did not affect her performance.
Qualitymessagefor all those who understand the madness of the Ellis family: Becci and Mick sell the monster Hayabusa!And that for less than maybe initially thought. 30,000 pounds sterlingcalls out the couple, that is the equivalent of close 32,000 euros. Interested parties can get in touch via Facebook.
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