How to wrap a wax paper

Fresh supplies well packaged

A small supply of fresh food can be found in every household. Just keeping it cool would not be enough. In order to preserve the aroma, taste, color and quality for as long as possible, it must also be packaged and stored “appropriately”. Ideal helpers are, for example, foils and resealable plastic boxes. The internet magazine "Lust auf Genuss" gives the following tips on how to stock up properly:

cheese should never be packed completely airtight. It is well stored in the packaging paper from the cheese shop. Cheese can also be wrapped in wax paper or in cling film or aluminum foil with small holes punched into it. A clay cheese dome is also ideal. Always store blue cheese separately from other types.

Shrink-wrapped fresh meat is best kept in the packaging. However, if it is on a cardboard or plastic bowl, it must be removed and the meat wrapped in cling film or placed in a covered bowl. Place the schnitzel and chops in sealable plastic boxes. Process the minced meat on the same day. Poultry also has to be processed quickly. Until then: put in a covered bowl.

Sausage, Cut open or in one piece, stays fresh the longest in sealable plastic boxes. Cling film is less suitable, as moisture collects on the sliced ​​meat. Smoked ham is wrapped in wax paper.

Fresh fish Rinse off with cold water, pat dry, wrap tightly in cling film. Smoked fish comes in waxed paper.

salad Place in a damp tea towel or in a perforated plastic bag in the vegetable compartment. Leave the leaf roots on for radishes and carrots. Packing leek sticks because they emit essential oils that other foods might accept.