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Corona shock in aviation: Lufthansa: ideas for the post-corona era

3. More vacationers, more acquisitions
To this end, Lufthansa will also position itself strategically differently. In the future, Spohr expects a higher proportion of vacationers among his customers - and fewer business travelers. “Travel behavior will change,” said Spohr. He apparently expects managers to book more video conferences instead of plane tickets in the future. The migration of frequent flyers to the Internet does not scare him. “The private travel segment is more stable,” said Spohr. Incidentally, Lufthansa is the general provider for all travel cases. "Whether freight, cheap flights or premium - if someone is prepared for anything, then we are."
Spohr is also thinking a little less clearly about acquisitions. "In every crisis we examine strategic opportunities," says Spohr. Lufthansa connoisseurs translate the awkward formulation coined by his predecessor Wolfgang Mayrhuber as “takeovers or at least permanent partnerships”. Apparently he still has Alitalia in his sights. "We have always said that a successful airline needs an investor and partner," says Spohr. After the nationalization, the investor is now the Italian government. And the Lufthansa driver suggested that there weren't many possible partners in Europe.
At the end of the press conference, Spohr had to slow down his growing optimism a little. “Before the crisis, we'll have to get on again until we get 280 passengers per minute, so we'll have to wait a long time.” But his thirst for action is more than just a crisis manager. "Despite everything: We are not losing confidence," he emphasizes.