Which country uses code 353

Country code / prefix 00353

The country code 00353 or the country code +353 belongs to Ireland. In order to be able to make phone calls from Germany to Ireland, the use of the international prefix 00353 is mandatory. To make a call to Ireland, first enter the country code on your device: 00353. The international dialing code is followed by the national dialing code. The leading "0" of the national code is not dialed. Finally, add the digits of the local number of the person called in Ireland to the number.

More information about the area code 00353 / +353

In Ireland (Europe) around 4,581,300 people live in an area of ​​approximately 70,200 square kilometers. A not inconsiderable proportion of the population lives in the capital, which is called Dublin. The official languages ​​spoken in Ireland are: Irish, English. Internet sites from Ireland have the international domain ending ie.

Country codes such as 00353 or +353 for international calls to Ireland are necessary because the telephone networks in the individual countries have developed independently of one another. The telephone network in Germany has thus developed independently of the telephone network in Ireland. There may therefore be overlaps in the national number ranges of 2 countries. A call number can of course only be assigned to exactly one connection: If there were several connections with the same call number, it would not be correctly resolved and assigned to the correct party. In this case it is also said that routing is not possible.

Example of using the country code of +353:
For example, you want to call 0123/4567890 (national code / local number) in Ireland. For this example, dial the following number on your telephone or mobile phone: 00353 123 4567890

What is the difference between 00353 and +353?

Country codes are given in 2 different notations. For Ireland, the country code is sometimes 00353 and sometimes the area code +353. What exactly is the difference between these two notations? The notation of the international country code with the + (i.e. +353) comes from the world of cellular networks. In which 00 (e.g. in 00353) in the country code it is the so-called traffic elimination number. The traffic elimination number depends on the country in which you are - it indicates, so to speak, that you want to call "abroad". The 00 from the traffic elimination number, however, is only a recommendation issued by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU for short). There are some countries in the world that do not follow this recommendation and where the 00 as a traffic elimination number does not work. If you are in these countries, you have to choose a different sequence of digits to call abroad. Examples are Canada or the USA. In these two countries, 011 must be dialed as the country code in order to make a call through an international exchange. So if you want to call Ireland from the USA, for example, you don't dial 00353 but rather 011353 for a connection to Ireland.

In the mobile communications sector, the + Introduced as a placeholder to make international phone number formats more uniform, easier to understand and easier to understand. This works in almost all cellular networks around the world +without having to worry about the traffic elimination rate for the country in question. In mobile communications, you dial +353 for a call from the USA to Ireland, so you don't have to worry about the corresponding traffic elimination number.

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