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For Facebook, What's App and Co. "you are the product that is bought and sold". With this sentence, the new social network Ello wants to win over users. Because everything is supposedly different on Ello. It should be ad-free, free and simple. But is our data really safer on Ello than on Facebook? And what can the new social network do?

What is Ello?

Ello is a new social network that is already being hyped as Facebook's biggest competitor. Originally, Ello was a small private platform for artists and designers, but because of great demand, it was made publicly available to everyone.

Another new social network? Yes, but Ello is supposedly different. It should be a platform on which not all of your clicks and likes are converted into data in order to show you advertising tailored to you. Ello is ad-free. But how long it will stay that way is questionable. A financier has already invested in Ello, who will certainly want to see his money again at some point. The site is still completely free of advertising and that is very important to the makers of Ello. Because selling private data for advertising purposes is “unethical” and “creepy”, they write on the platform.

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What can I do with Ello?

Ello is in the beta version, i.e. in a test phase. There are still some bugs on the site and not all features have been built yet. As on other social networks, you can create a profile, write posts, upload pictures and follow friends or groups. You can embed gif images and see how many users have already viewed your post. However, video and audio files cannot be posted. Private messages cannot be sent either. These features are yet to come.

Compared to Facebook, the page is kept very simple and simple, almost minimalist. What looks a bit boring at first glance is a treat for the eyes. Instead of being flooded by stimuli, you can concentrate on individual images and texts.

How can I register on the platform?

Since Ello is in the test phase, not everyone can register yet, but has to wait for an invitation. You can either get it from a friend or sometimes you can find it on Twitter under the hashtag #elloinvitecode.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung recorded what exactly it looks like on Ello in a tour. In the video you can see how Ello works, how you can set up your profile and create friend lists.

Will Ello replace Facebook?

The next few weeks and months will show whether Ello is an actual competitor and alternative to Facebook. The time is ripe for a social network that does not tap the data of its users in order to earn billions of euros. How Ello will finance itself, however, is uncertain. Every website costs money. The developers, graphic designers and other team members want to be paid. Will the income from planned special features that will soon be available for a fee be enough? And then there is the question of how well Ello is received by the masses. Because a platform can be so good if only a few people are registered on it. Who wants to be with Ello when all of their friends are still messing around on Facebook and Co.?

What do you think? Is Ello an alternative to Facebook?

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