Honda Civic are the most reliable cars

Berlin (dpa / tmn) - In one respect, the Civic is further than the VW Golf: The model range is older. Honda has been building the compact model since 1972 - at that time the Golf was still in development.

Both cars are in the same class and yet they couldn't be more different. While the Golf relies on mass taste, the Japanese are more a matter of taste - albeit similarly reliable.

Model history: Honda is now building the tenth generation of the Civic. The ninth edition, produced between 2011 and 2017, is now in its prime used car age. It received its facelift for the 2015 model year, and the diesels have been compliant with the Euro 6 standard ever since.

Body styles: five-door, sedan with indicated stubby tail and the station wagon (tourer), which came on the market in 2014.

Dimensions: 4.29 m to 4.59 m x 1.77 m x 1.47 m (LxWxH); Trunk volume: 477 to 1378 liters (five-door), 624 to 1668 liters (station wagon); four-door notchback: 440 liters.

Strengths: Playing the exotic - at least externally. The interior of the Civic is variable and spacious, the storage volume of the five-door is larger than that of the Golf. According to the "Auto Bild Tüv Report 2020", the steering system and drive shafts hardly ever give cause for concern during the general inspection (HU). The same applies to possible rust, the handbrake and brake lines and hoses. The exhaust system is also better than average and oil leakage is rare.

Weaknesses: The Tüv testers found slightly higher rates of defects in springs and damping at the first HU at the age of three. But the main weak point is the front lighting right from the start: the headlights are often out of alignment, and later there are sometimes defects in the indicators.

Breakdown behavior: The registration numbers are so low that the Civic does not appear in the published ADAC breakdown statistics. The club only has reliable findings on the ailing batteries in specimens from the first registration years 2011 to 2014.

Engines: petrol (four-cylinder, front-wheel drive): 73 kW / 100 PS to 228 kW / 310 PS; Diesel (four-cylinder, front-wheel drive): 88 kW / 120 PS and 110 kW / 150 PS.

Market prices (according to "DAT market mirror" from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand with statistically expected kilometers): - Civic 1.4 S, five-door (2012); 73 kW / 100 PS (four-cylinder); 103,000 kilometers; 5925 euros. - Civic 1.6i-DTEC Comfort Tourer (2015); 88 kW / 120 PS (four-cylinder); 79,000 kilometers; 9975 euros. - Civic 2.0i Type-R, five-door (2015); 228 kW / 310 PS (four-cylinder); 66,000 kilometers; 18,650 euros.