Which tool is indispensable

Do it yourself! These 5 tools are essential for every household

A cupboard door is stuck and you are desperate? With these five tools, households are prepared for most complications.

From D for duct tape to Z for pliers - these helpers solve every need.

Loose screws, the new bed, a dripping washing machine - the small building sites in the house in particular often cost time and nerves, but: A craftsman does not have to come up with every problem - some everyday obstacles can be overcome all by yourself. In order to be able to successfully master minor repairs without a desperate call for help, five very specific tools must not be missing. Ferdinand Seulen, managing director of the trade platform blauarbeit.de, knows which tools are essential and belong in every tool case at home.

1. Duct Tape - also useful on the moon

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Commercial adhesive tape, better known under the name "Duct Tape", has proven itself in households for years. The all-rounder is characterized on the one hand by high strength, but can also be easily torn across and is therefore ideal for spontaneous repairs. It not only fixes fractures, but also seals leaks and thus promises simple and practical temporary solutions. The comfortable all-rounder has many fans worldwide - even on the moon, the Americans repaired their Apollo 17 several times with the black wonder drug.

2. Pliers - for gripping, shaping and cutting

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Even if they are available in all possible sizes and for the most varied of purposes: a normal pair of pliers should not be missing in any household. It is used to remove crooked nails, pull splinters or transport hot objects. The oldest pliers were probably used to grip and move hot objects, for example in forging. To this day, new types of pliers with different functions have been developed again and again. There are umpteen different models for gripping, holding, cutting or shaping.

3. Hammer - powerful solutions

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Violence does not solve problems, but some issues can only be solved with a lot of strength. Regardless of whether a picture is to be hung or a piece of furniture is to be fixed - it is difficult to find a replacement for a hammer. During excavations, its previous version was found with an estimated age of 1.75 million years. The principle has not changed over the millennia. Thus, the tool is one of the oldest human helpers and should not be missing in any household.

4. Screwdriver - a welcome guest every time you move

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New furniture or when moving: when it comes to assembling and dismantling the home furnishings, screwdrivers are indispensable. To make screws easier to transport without losing them on the way, many screwdrivers are magnetic these days. Tip: If you pull a non-magnetic screwdriver over a magnet a few times, this tip will also be charged.

5. WD-40 - magic against jamming and squeaking

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Behind the cryptic name is not a new secret project from NASA, but an everyday miracle cure that should have solved many a problem. Jamming locks or squeaking doors can be easily fixed. WD-40 is therefore always used when conventional oil or lubricating grease is too thick and cannot penetrate into fine mechanisms. In the automotive sector, the agent can also often be used as corrosion protection.

# 1 best seller
WD-40 multifunctional spray 500 ml Smart Straw, 41034
  • Cleans and protects: Dissolves stubborn dirt, oil, grease and glue residues and can be easily removed. Leaves a nourishing protective layer.
  • Eliminates squeaks: For optimal running of moving parts, eliminates and prevents squeaks and creaking. Without silicone, therefore no sticking.
  • Loosens rusted parts and stuck mechanics: Infiltrates layers of rust, quickly loosens jammed metal parts, screws and nuts.
  • Protects against corrosion: Leaves a thin protective film that prevents the formation of moisture and rust on metal parts.
  • Displaces moisture: Keeps electrical and electronic mechanisms free from moisture and thus prevents leakage currents.


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