What do the Europeans think of Bali

15 facts about Bali and life there!

1. Rethink once:

There is left-hand traffic on Bali’s streets.

2. Beware of tourist prices:

Bargaining and haggling are as much a part of Bali as the amen in church. The sellers in the markets are already planning a certain amount of negotiating leeway for the prices they have specified. With a little skill and charm, you can often bargain for a good price. But please don't overdo it! After all, the people of Bali also have to make a living from something, so one should always keep in mind that the price should be fair for both sides.

3. Brown skin wins:

In this context you sometimes have the feeling that the darker your skin color, the cheaper the prices will be in advance for you;)

4. Taxi rides & private rides in Bali:

For serious taxi rides with exact billing and taximeter, it is best to take a so-called "Blue Bird Taxi". There are extremely many taxi providers or private drivers in Bali. For example, you can always speak to someone spontaneously at the airport and negotiate an individual fixed price. On our last trip to Bali, for example, we approached a driver at the airport, fixed a fixed price to Uluwatu (our first stop from the airport) and, due to his friendly manner and safe driving style, decided that we would simply “become our permanent driver” “Do during our time in Bali.

The best thing to do is get a business card from the driver (most have) and then get in touch with him via What’s app to discuss other journeys. The price depends on the negotiation, but from the airport to Canggu you can plan around 250,000-300,000 IDR. From the airport to Uluwatu (1 hour drive) we paid 300,000 IDR and from Uluwatu to Ubud (2 hours drive) 400,000 IDR. These values ​​are not official prices, but a rough guide for you. If you want a day driver, for example to earn several sightseeing points in one day, you can get private day drivers for around 600,000 / 700,000 IDR.

5. Scooter & drive:

In order to drive a scooter or a car in Bali, you (theoretically) need an international driver's license. You are rarely checked here, but if the worst comes to the worst, as a foreigner you will probably have a direct disadvantage if you do a check without a driver's license.

6. Rent a scooter:

Almost everyone rides a scooter or motorcycle in Bali. Which is really recommendable given the chaotic traffic conditions. Scooters can be rented for around IDR 50,000-70,000 per day. In the case of stays of several weeks, the prices are of course lower. Scooter rental services are available on every street corner in Bali - disgusting and mostly too big helmets.

7. Who does not sound the horn:

The horn is used in Bali as a kind of “attention, I'm coming” warning. In this way, other road users are warned when overtaking, turning and also using sharp bends. So don't be irritated if someone honks at you! This is by no means meant to be angry in Bali.

8. Something flashes:

Incidentally, the hazard warning lights on cars mean that you are driving straight ahead and not that you have a breakdown or that there is a traffic jam.

9. Refueling in Bali:

Refueling is only possible at petrol stations? No. In Bali you can buy your gasoline right on the roadside, filled in vodka bottles. Almost everyone does that and it's absolutely normal there. Incidentally, the blue gasoline is the more expensive, the yellow one the cheaper.

10. Garbage problem in Bali:

Towards evening there is smoke almost everywhere on the roadsides. The reason? Incinerated garbage. Garbage and plastic are unfortunately still a big problem in Bali, as there is no official garbage disposal here. So basically everyone is responsible for their own garbage. A big problem! Many cafes and restaurants are already trying to contain plastic, for example by using paper straws. However, that's just a drop in the ocean. In the end, each of us should try to improve our consumer behavior - all over the world. For example, doing without the plastic bag in the supermarket is a first start.

11. Beaches in Bali:

Some people are disappointed when they return from their Bali vacation. The reason? You were expecting paradisiacal beaches. Unfortunately, I have to pull the tooth directly from you! Unfortunately, Bali doesn't have the most beautiful beaches as most of them are black lava beaches (with a lot of rubbish). If you want to bathe in beaches, you have to go to the south of Bali towards Uluwatu. There you get light sandy beaches, but the Caribbean is still not. But Bali offers incredibly great landscapes and excursion possibilities around the island.

12. Prayer Baskets & Faith in Bali:

The Balinese have a strong belief. That is why there are little sacrificial baskets on the street and in front of the doors every day. These are supposed to keep the ghosts away and give people a good life. So always be careful and don't step on it.

13. Sold out:

One of the favorite words of the Balinese is “finiiis”, meaning finished. It actually happens several times every day that something in the cafés or restaurants is “finiiiiis”, i.e. sold out or empty. This is of course a bit stupid for one as a customer, on the other hand, less food is thrown away in the end because it is not bought in excess.

14. W-Lan for Free:

Bali is a big WiFi hot spot. There is free internet almost everywhere - even in the smallest cafés. Just always ask nicely and you will have free internet almost everywhere in Bali.

15. Buy mobile phone cards:

If you don't have internet access, you can simply buy a few GB for a bargain price. We paid a sweet € 4 for 6GB. These are still real dream prices!