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Seventh scene

[620]Right there, castle courtyard.

Hoboes and torches. A precutter and several servants with bowls walk across the stage; then comes Macbeth.


If it were done the way it is done, then it would be good

One would do it in a hurry: - If the assassination

The consequences could be locked out of his net [620]

And success would only come from the depths:

That with the shock, once and forever, everything

Would have locked himself - here, only here -

On this student bench of the present -,

So I put myself away about future life. -

But with such an act we always feel good

Retribution here: that as we have given it,

The bloody lessons, he, hardly learned,

Strikes back, punishing the inventor.

This right, with an undeniably firm hand,

Set our self-mixed, poisonous goblet

On our own lips. -

He comes here, shielded twice: - First,

Because I am his cousin and subject

Both strongly inhibit action; then, I - his host,

Who would have to close against his murderer

The gate, not the knife yourself. -

Then this Duncan also has his dignity

Worn so mildly, remained in the great office

So pure that his virtues, like angels

Tongues of the trumpet, vengeance will cry out

The deep infernal horror of his murder;

The pity, like a naked, newborn child,

Riding on the storm wind, or cherubim of heaven,

On horseback on invisible, airy runners,

Blow the horror in every eye

Until the tears drown the wind. -

I have no sting

To spur the sides of my will

The only ambition that, rushing to the upswing,

Jumps over and falls on the other side: -


How now, what's up?


He's almost finished.

Why did you leave the hall?


He has

Asked about me? [621]


Don't you know he did it?


We don't want to go any further in this matter;

He recently rewarded me, and golden respect

I bought from people of all kinds:

She wants to be worn in the newest splendor,

And not thrown away so suddenly.



Drunk the hope in what you wrapped yourself in?

Has she slept since then and is now awake

So pale and sick to look at what they are

Pretended to be so cheerful? - From now on I think

Of your love like that. Are you too cowardly

To be the same man in action and courage

Who are you in desires? Would you like to attain.

What you must treasure the jewelry of life

And be a coward in your own estimation?

Must you "I fear" follow the "I want",

Like the poor kitty in the proverb?


Be calm!

I dare everything that is human;

Anyone who dares more is not one.


What an animal

Did you tell me about your resolution?

When you dared you were a man;

And being more than you were, that's what made you

All the more so to the man. Not time, not place

True at the time, you wanted to do both:

They do themselves and their quick service

Make you nothing. I have suckled and know

How sweet to love the child I drink;

I would have smiled at me

The chest torn from the soft jaws

And smashed his head on the wall

If I had sworn as you swore this.


If we fail,


We fail! -

Only screw your courage to the point of stop,

And we do not fail. When Duncan sleeps, [622]

Why so more of the day's strong journey

Invites him - his two chamberlains

I want to stun with spicy wines

That the mind's guardians, the memory,

Will be a haze, and reason receptacle

A steam helmet only: - If now in the beastly sleep

Drowned their existence, as in death,

What can you and I not accomplish then

The unguarded Duncan? what not push

On the intoxicated servants who are to blame

Of the great murder?


Only bear me sons!

Can out of your uncontrolled fabric

Only men sprouted. You won't believe it

If we color the two sleeping potions with blood,

The chamberlains and their daggers need

That she did it?


Who can believe what else

When our grief rang out loud

At his death?


I am firm; curious; excited

Every nerve is to this terrifying act.

Come on, let's fool the hour with a cheerful look:

Birg, false appearance, the false heart's lore!

You go off.[623]