What is it like to travel a jungle

10 jungle destinations for your dream trip

No, we do not serve maggots or cockroaches or more or less prominent jungle inhabitants, but ten fantastically beautiful holiday destinations with the special jungle factor. Hike barefoot at 30 degrees over the damp rainforest floor, discover emerald-colored pools with gigantic waterfalls or bright red hibiscus flowers and of course jump headlong from coastal rocks into the clearest, turquoise and warmest water you can imagine. Follow us - to the tropical paradises of this earth!

When you think of the Dominican Republic, you have the beach, hot rhythms and historic old towns in mind. Inland, however, in the dreamy national parks such as Los Haitises, beckon dense rainforests, Mangroves and the emerald lagoons of Tres Ojos - the three eyes. Oh yes, miles of powder-white sandy beach under palm trees, which is a sight in itself in the Dominican Republic, there is also all around.

Best travel time for the Dominican Republic:

  • January, February, March, April, December

The Balinese call their country the island of the gods. Not for nothing: traditional gamelan music, the The scent of incense sticks wafting in the air and the constant hum of the rainforest are part of everyday life. In the middle of the Indonesian jungle you could suddenly find yourself on lush rice terraces, Hotels that seem to be part of the jungle, or come across magnificent Hindu temples.

Best travel time for Bali:

  • January, February, December
Cigars, rum and nonchalance