Can I send money via DHL?

Permissible content in national and international parcel shipping as well as for national express transport

In national parcel and express delivery are all class II securities for items from the same sender to the same recipient 500 EUR per day limited, even if several items from the same sender are sent to the same recipient on the same day.

In international shipping with DHL Paket International (not with DHL Paket Connect), the following are also permitted up to a value of 25,000 EUR:

  • Jewelry (e.g. made of pearls, corals, amber), watches
  • Gemstones
  • Works of art, paintings, antiques, unique items and other valuables (e.g. collector's items such as invalid
  • Collector's postage stamps, coins (without precious metal content), banknotes and telephone cards)

Other higher value items are permitted up to a maximum value of EUR 25,000 per parcel or express shipment.

When sending items of security class II and other (higher value) items together In a parcel or in an express shipment, the maximum value of a total of EUR 25,000 may not be exceeded. The value of the included class II securities may not exceed a total of EUR 500.

These provisions generally apply to national parcels and national express shipments as well as to DHL Paket International and DHL Paket Connect (they do not apply to international express shipments and DHL Europaket). The restrictions apply regardless of whether or not transport insurance is taken out for the shipments by DHL and / or the sender.