What is the deadliest land creature

Can you kill a land when it becomes a creature?

From the Magic Comprehensive Rules(valid from November 11, 2016) :

119. Damage

119.1. Objects can damage creatures, planeswalkers, and players. This is generally harmful to the object or player taking this damage. An object that does damage is the source of that damage.


119.6. Damage marked on a creature persists until the cleanup step, even if that permanent is no longer a creature. If the total damage marked on a creature is greater than or equal to its Toughness, that creature has been dealt lethal damage and is destroyed as a condition-based action (see rule 704). All damage marked on a permanent is removed during regeneration (see rule 701.13, "Regenerating") and during the cleanup step (see rule 514.2).

For the sake of clarity, here is some of the rules on "State-Based Actions".

704.3. Whenever a player is given priority (see rule 116, "Timing and Priority"), the game checks to see if any of the listed condition-based action conditions are met and then performs all applicable condition-based actions simultaneously as a single event. If state-based actions are taken as a result of a test, the test is repeated. Otherwise, any triggered abilities waiting to be put on the stack are put on the stack and the test is retried. As soon as, as a result of a check, no more state-based actions have been taken and no triggered abilities are waiting to be put on the stack, priority is given to that player. This process also takes place during the cleanup step (see rule 514). However, if no state-based actions are taken as a result of the initial verification of the step and there are no triggered abilities waiting to be put on the stack, then no player is given priority and the step ends.

So the sequence looks like this.

  1. When you cast a bolt of lightning (if you have priority) the spell is put on the stack.
  2. You have priority. If you pass:
  3. The opponent has priority. If they pass:
  4. Lightning is resolved. Land creatures are dealt three points of damage.
  5. When it is your turn, you have priority when it is the opponent's turn. Regardless. WHOOP WHOOP game first checks whether there are government effects.
  6. Condition-based effect: damage to land creatures> = tenacity. It's destroyed.

You can certainly "kill" a country, but "kill" is not the correct magical term. Over the years Magic has become very specific about the terms used to describe cards, abilities, and effects to avoid "intuitive" confusion like this (how do you kill a land ???) The term your friend was looking for was:

701.7. To destroy

701.7a To destroy a permanent, move it from the battlefield to its owner's graveyard.

There are many magic cards on which the words in the rule text show the.


Man i love me some magic blanket rules. Is it wrong that they upset me a lot?