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About the Author Lee Child:

Lee Child, actually James Dover Grant, can look back on an extraordinary career: born in 1954 in Coventry, England and emigrated to the USA in 1998 after studying law, his thrillers around the main protagonist Jack Reacher reach a circulation of 60 million copies are sold in nearly 100 countries. The author started writing rather involuntarily when the then producer at Granada Television was fired due to restructuring measures. He had worked in the television industry for 20 years. His books "Sniper" and "The Hunted" were filmed with Tom Cruise in the lead role.

Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child:

Jack Reacher, the main protagonist in the Lee Child books, is a lone fighter, a loner and a real hero with a keen sense of justice: Tricky, intelligent, strong-willed and formerly the best man in the US Army. Reacher has no possessions, no family, or obligations. As a former elite military policeman, he leads a vagabond life, but is always exactly where the fire is. More or less voluntarily, the angular sniffer dog takes on explosive cases that are issued to him by the US secret service or the police. It goes without saying that the justice-loving reacher has to deal with all kinds of shady characters.

In the first volume of the Lee Child series, the thriller hero has to take out countless criminals in order to prove his own innocence as a suspected murderer. With this exciting and fast-paced action story, a literary superhero was born who knows exactly how to distinguish between good and bad. And so it goes on in rapid succession: Sometimes it is terror cells that the agent has to put a stop to, sometimes it is the hunt for a serial killer or an attack killer who is planning a bloodbath at the G8 summit. In each of the cases, the author doesn't skimp on rapid narrative threads and at the end also delivers the big showdown. But emotional moments also have their place. Child also understands the stylistic device of holding up the tension again with unexpected twists.

Jack Reacher's way of life differs from the conventional types of agents or criminologists that the literary market has to offer, and that is also wanted: According to the author, all of his contemporaries would write series with familiar elements. The heroes usually have a job, a place of residence, a reference group. He wants a main character with unlimited freedom of action - someone who is less firmly anchored, explains Lee Child about his decision for the rather unusual agent.

annotation: From volume 25, Andrew Child participates in the series.

Jack Reacher books in the correct order:

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  1. Megalomania (1997) »order
  2. Delivered (1998) »order
  3. His true face (1999) »order
  4. Time of Revenge (2000) »order
  5. In the Last Second (2001) »order
  6. Deadly Intent (2002) »order
  7. Der Janusmann (2003) »order
  8. The hit list (2004) * " to order
  9. Sniper (2005) »order
  10. Way Out (2006) »order
  11. Trouble (2007) »order
  12. Outlaw (2008) »order
  13. Underground (2009) »order
  14. 61 hours (2010) »order
  15. Waspennest (2010) »order
  16. The Last Command (2011) ** " to order
  17. Der Anhalter (2012) »order
  18. The Hunted (2013) »order
  19. Im Visier (2014) »order
  20. No Compromises (2015) »order
  21. Der Ermittler (2016) »order
  22. Der Bluthund (2017) »order
  23. Past Tense (2018, not yet translated) »order
  24. Blue Moon (2019, not yet translated) »order
  25. The Sentinel (2020, not yet translated) »order
  26. Better Off Dead (2021, not yet translated) »order

Notes on the chronology:

  • * “The hit list” plays chronologically before volume 1 “megalomania”.
  • ** “The Last Command” is also located before Volume 1.

Jack Reacher Films:

Jack Reacher Stories and Companion Book:

  • The loner (12 short stories) »order
    • Too much time
    • The second son
    • Heat wave
    • Deep inside
    • Minor wars
    • James Penney's new identity
    • The interrogation
    • This is not an exercise
    • Maybe they have a tradition
    • A guy comes into a bar
    • No room in the hostel
    • The lonely diner
  • The Christmas Scorpion (short story, not yet translated) »order
  • The Fourth Man (short story, not yet translated) »order
  • Good and Valuable Consideration (short story, with Joseph Finder, not yet translated) »order
  • Gold wash (short story, with Karin Slaughter) »order
  • Jack Reacher's Law (companion book to the series) »order

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