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Selena Gomez: Serious allegations from Taylor Swift?

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have known each other for what feels like forever, they have been best friends for over ten years, and many of their younger fans take their friendship as an example. They met in 2008 when Sel with Nick Jonas was together and Taylor brother Joe dated: "Our friendship is the best that has emerged from relationships, the two musicians once explained in an interview. Since then, the two have supported each other in good and bad times. As the "Wolves" interpreter after her botched performance at the American Music Awardsfor example, suffered a nervous breakdown, it was mainly the 31-year-old who rebuilt Sel.

Does Taylor Swift sing about Selena Gomez in "Dorothea"?

But in the last year it seemed to have calmed down around Selena and Taylor, mutual selfies or mutual support were looked for in vain with the former duo of friends. The fans are all the more certain that Swift's new song "Dorothea" must definitely be about the 28-year-old. Not only does "Dorothea" rhyme with "Selena" in the English pronunciation, but the lyrics could also refer to Sel in many places. So the popular pop singer sings about "a queen who sells dreams, makeup and magazines" and which would also have upset her mother - all things that would suit Sel. After all, the singer has her cosmetic line "Rare Beauty" at the start, is not infrequently featured in the most renowned magazines in the world and is said to have an extremely bad relationship with her mother ...

Taylor also asks in the song if "Dorothea" would ever think of her since she moved: "You have had brilliant friends since you left town. A small screen is the only place I can see you now, but I have nothing but good wishes for you." It was only this year that it became known that Sel had moved to New York from Los Angeles, where Taylor also lives. So it doesn't seem unlikely that the 31-year-old sings her grief over her chilled friendship with her best friend from her soul. After all, Taylor Swift is known to process private experiences such as breakups and Co. in her songs. But she doesn't seem to harbor any grudges against Selena Gomez, because after all, "Dorothea" also says: "It's never too late to get back to my side." Hopefully the message will get through to Sel ...

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