What part of the language is poop

Shit, the

  • (I'm) surprised main form · (oh) you can't shut the door! coll., regional, proverbial · (I think) I'm hit! coll., saying · (yes) is that the possibility !? Coll. · The layman is amazed and the expert is amazed. (Quote) coll., Saying · I would (but) not have thought that now! coll. · Donnerlittchen! coll., regional · Donnerwetter! coll. · reigns! coll. · I think my pig whistles! coll., proverbial · man man man! coll. · Manno man! coll. · Mensch Meier! coll. · Human children! coll. · Devil too! coll. · Madness! coll. · What kind of things are you doing !? coll., ironic, commenting · oh you green nine! ugs. · oh yes? coll. · oh what! coll. · so something! coll. · old Swede! coll. · caramba! coll. · I'm (but) speechless! ugs. · I'm flat! ugs. · there is (yes) the spit away! coll., proverbial, fig. · That's where everything stops! coll., saying · do legst di nieda coll., bayr. · Egg the Daus! coll., out of date · fuck! (admiring) coll., casually · good heavens! coll. · hate sounds (still) ?! coll., ruhrdt. · Holy cow! coll., Swabian · holy cannon barrel! coll., out of date · holla, the forest fairy! ugs. · hear, hear! coll., obsolete · I don't believe it! ugs. · I don't believe it! ugs. · I can tell you! coll. · I'm going crazy! ugs. · crazy! ugs. · now listen to that! coll. · but now everything stops! coll. · crass! ugs. · lick me anne Täsch! coll., out of date, ruhrdt. · Lick my bag! coll., kölsch · lick me fat! coll. · Lecko mio! coll. · Leckofanni! coll. · my dear Mr. Choral Society! coll., out of date · my dear Scholli! coll., ruhrdt. · My dear swan! coll. · no something! ugs. · unbelievable! inf. · not to be believed! coll. · now take a look at that! coll., saying oha! coll. oho! coll. · potz Blitz coll., outdated · potzblitz! coll., out of date · potztausend! coll., out of date · sackerlot! coll., out of date · sackerment! coll., out of date · sapperlot! coll., regional, outdated · sapperment! coll., out of date · take a look at (one)! ugs. · look at (one)! inf. · But something like that too! coll. · unbelievable! ugs. · damn yeah! ugs. · damn it! coll. · absolutely blatant! coll. · where are we here !? inf.
  • (that's yes) (a) great thing ugs. · (yes) is that the possibility !? coll. · Is not true! coll., sloppy, saying · Now the dog in the pan is going crazy! coll., saying, variable · I'm the monkey! coll., saying · that must not be true! ugs. · that doesn't exist! coll. · that just can't be true! coll. · that can't be true! coll. · you don't believe it! coll. · you get the moths! coll., saying · you can't get the door shut! coll., saying · I (I think) will become a moose! coll., saying · I'll eat a broom! coll., saying · I think it's starting! coll., saying · I think I'm crazy! coll. · I think I'm in the woods! coll., saying · I think I'll pick me up! ugs. · I'm getting the moths! coll., saying · I'm going crazy! ugs. · yes it is possible !? ugs. · now someone will roast me a stork! coll., saying · now somebody roast me a stork coll., out of date · you don't believe it! coll. · how (...) is that !? coll., youth language · how is it possible ?! inf.
  • (yes) reigns (again)! · (Yes) is that (because) the possibility! · unbelievable! · Now listen to one! ● (yes) it's possible! coll. · that must not be true! ugs. · You have to imagine that! coll., saying · no, how is it possible now! go. · how isses can only be grasped! inf.