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Coronavirus current

Value of the seven-day incidence according to the RKI on Sunday, May 23, 2021:


The seven-day incidence as calculated by the Robert Koch Institute describes the number of new infections with the coronavirus in the previous seven days per 100,000 inhabitants.

The value for the current day can be called up in the RKI dashboard from early morning. The table at www.rki.de/inzidenzen is legally authoritative.

In the Main-Tauber district, according to the Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg, the regulations of the Opening level I. for urban and rural districts with an incidence under 100. The further easing steps for an incidence below 50 currently apply no more.

  • After three calendar days in a row with an incidence of over 100, the stricter regulations of the federal emergency brake come into force.
  • The second opening stage will come into effect if the seven-day incidence continues to decrease in the 14 days after the first stage came into effect on May 15, 2021.
  • The further relaxation steps for an incidence below 50 can come into effect again if the incidence is below the value of 50 for five calendar days in a row.

RKI incidence values ​​of the previous days:

  • Saturday, May 22nd: 55,9
  • Friday, May 21st: 52,1
  • Thursday, May 20, 2021: 59,7
  • Wednesday, May 19, 2021: 48,3
  • Tuesday, May 18, 2021: 51,4

Note: Up to and including May 13, according to the previous Corona Ordinance, the incidence values ​​of the Baden-Württemberg State Health Office were decisive, in particular for determining that the incidence of 50 new infections with the corona virus per 100,000 inhabitants fell below the seven-day incidence.

Current regulations in the Main-Tauber district

Contact restrictions

At private meetings are allowed two households with a total of a maximum of five people to meet. This also applies to indoor and outdoor catering meetings. Children up to their 14th birthday do not count. Likewise, recovered and fully vaccinated people - i.e. 14 days after the last required vaccination - are not included.

No night exit restrictions

Nocturnal exit restrictions has not existed in the Main-Tauber district since Friday, May 7th.


Retailers can choose between two options:

  • On the one hand it is possible "Click and Meet" offer, i.e. only admitting customers after prior appointment and documentation of the contact details. In this case, one customer is allowed per 40 square meters of retail space and no rapid test is required.
  • On the other hand, retail stores may grant access to two customers per 40 square meters of sales area if they present a daily update negative rapid tests is required. In this case, the “Click and Meet” can be dispensed with.

Body-hugging services

Body-hugging services such as hairdressers as well as cosmetic and nail salons or massage parlors are allowed to open.

Gastronomy and accommodation providers

The gastronomy May open between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. Indoors, one guest is allowed for every 2.5 square meters of guest room area or part thereof. There are no restrictions on people outside. Inside and outside, the seats must be arranged in such a way that there is a distance of at least 1.5 meters between the tables. Delivery and collection services are also allowed between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. All accommodation establishments are allowed to return tourist guests receive. For a visit to a restaurant or a hotel stay a must Proof of a negative rapid test, a complete vaccination or a survived corona infection be submitted. Hotel guests without proof of health or vaccination must present a negative rapid test every three days during their stay.

Further regulations for opening level 1

For all other facilities included in the regulations for opening level 1, a Corona rapid test updated daily it must be required that the Documented contact details need to be and on site Hygiene measures are to be implemented.

  • For zoological and botanical gardens, galleries, memorials, museums, archives, libraries and libraries There is a limit of one visitor per 20 square meters.
  • Courses at universities are allowed outdoors up to 100 people who Use of study places may be made with advance notice.
  • For Courses at adult education centers and similar institutions There is a limit of ten people inside and 20 people outside as well as a ban on dance and sports courses.
  • In Dining halls, cafeterias and company canteens a minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained.
  • Tutoring is allowed in groups of up to ten students, as is classes in Music, art, and youth art schools. However, singing, dance or brass music lessons are not allowed.
  • Low-contact leisure and amateur sports May take place outside in designated sports facilities and facilities in groups of up to 20 people. In all other places, the regular limit of five people from two households applies. Events of top and professional sport may take place inside and outside with up to 100 spectators.
  • For Events for the practice of religion no advance notice is required.
  • Cultural events such as theater and opera performances, events by cultural institutions and cinema screenings are allowed outside for up to 100 people.
  • Recreational facilities Outside, such as mini golf courses, high ropes courses, boat rentals and the like, can be used by up to 20 people at the same time.
  • The Outdoor areas of swimming pools of all kinds as well as from Swimming lakes with controlled access are allowed to open for a maximum of one person per 20 square meters.
  • Tourist traffic by coaches, cable cars, excursion boats, museum railways and the like is permitted if the start and destination are at least at opening level 1. A maximum of half of the full occupation is possible.
  • Facilities of Animal care like pet salons or pet hairdressers, one person per 20 square meters can receive.

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