Where can I find inexpensive textbooks

Buy used books now

Anyone who likes to read knows the problem: Every month 1-3 new books have to come into the bookcase to satisfy their own thirst for reading. This can of course be clearly noticeable in the bank account at the end of the month. Many books, especially specialist literature, can be very expensive. If you pay an average of around 35 euros for a book, you can expect a three-digit bill at the end of the month, which significantly shrinks the limited household budget and therefore does not allow further leisure activities. For this very reason, bookworms should resort to used books. But schoolchildren and students are also often put off by high book prices. But this does not have to be the case. Who knows where and how to buy books can save up to 70% off the original price. So if you like to read and still want to have some money left at the end of the month, you are advised to buy second-hand literature on the Internet.

Many potential buyers are put off by the word used because it is often negatively associated. On the contrary, many of the books on offer are in top condition and are checked for quality by established book shops, such as Medimops, before they are dispatched. The books often have minor defects such as dog-ears or minimally torn pages, which mean that books are often offered for small amounts in euros. The flaws are small blemishes which, however, do not limit the reading pleasure in any case.

Furthermore, you can find one or the other piece of jewelry that is no longer available as new in the shops. Often books are limited editions or editions that are no longer printed. Antiquarian books with a high resale value are therefore not uncommon. Nonetheless, buying used books also helps the environment. There is no need to print a new book for every book that has been purchased second-hand. On the whole, however, you should buy more than one book, as shipping costs often drive up the invoice amount. So if you buy online, you should expect an average value of between 20-30 euros to avoid shipping costs. However, in contrast to new books, this amount not only allows you to buy one book, but around 5-10 books.