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The Adwords Quality Score is an important indicator for Adwords accounts. Together with your bid and other factors, it determines the ad rank for every relevant search query.

The Adwords Quality Score is based on the system's estimates of the performance of a keyword. The basis for these estimates is the performance of the keyword in previous auctions. The quality factor is given as a numerical value between 1 (low) and 10 (high). If no Adwords Quality Score is displayed in the system, there is not enough data in the form of clicks and impressions for this keyword to determine the quality score.

With a high Quality Score, you can improve your ad positions with the same bid or reduce the cost per click. More on this below in the article. First, let's take a look at which elements influence the Adwords Quality Score.

The Adwords quality factor is essentially determined by three elements:

  • expected click rate (CTR)
  • Ad relevance
  • User experience on the landing page.

With the expected click-through rate, Google Adwords predicts the likelihood that users will click on your ad, or whether a click on a competitor ad is more likely. The current ad position is taken into account, because the average click rates in the top positions are higher than further down the page. This fact is included in the expected click rate.

In a conversation with a Google Adwords employee, we learned that the expected CTR is probably the most important element in determining the quality factor. From Google's point of view, this also makes sense, because the placement of ads with high click rates naturally also optimizes Google Adwords sales. There is no official description of the weighting of the above-mentioned elements, but in our experience the expected click rate also plays a major role for the Adwords quality factor.

The Adwords system uses the ad relevance to check whether the search query matches the content of the ad. For a user who is looking for a wardrobe, for example, an advertisement on the subject of "wardrobes" is more relevant than the general advertisement on the entire range of a furniture store.

The landing page also plays an important role in determining the quality factor. The landing page must also match the topic of the search query so that a high Adwords quality factor is achieved. In our example above, the landing page should represent wardrobes. The home page of a furniture store, on the other hand, is less relevant. Well-organized Adwords campaigns put a special topic in the foreground, from the keyword to the advertisement to the landing page. In technical jargon one speaks of a "message match".

Suitability for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and short page loading times are becoming increasingly important for the quality of the landing page. This point also makes sense, because the majority of Google search queries are now made from mobile devices.

How to lower the click price with a high Adwords Quality Score

The quality factor determines the actual click price and the ad position decisively. In our graphics you can see how changing the quality score affects the click price if the ad rank is to remain the same. The lower the Quality Score, the more you have to pay per click. It is particularly expensive in areas 1-5. You should definitely optimize your keywords with low quality scores.

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