Where can we get blue roses

Where do the blue roses come from?

The blue Rose is a relatively young variety of this species, which in the first years of the 21st century thanks to the Genetic engineering came on the market.

Blue roses are very difficult to breed naturally and are therefore unique, special and to a certain extent extraordinary specimens. Their development with the help of genetic engineering can be traced back to the great interest shown by consumers in blue roses.

In order to achieve this result, the color pigments of the flowers had to be examined. That is one of these Delphinidinthat gives the plants a blue hue. Its creation in the laboratory was one of the major milestones in this type of research.

The first initiative to make blue roses came from the Australian company Florigene in 1990 and was started by the Japanese beverage company Suntory Sponsored. It successfully isolated the gene responsible for the blue color of the flowers, the so-called "blue gene", And added this first Cloves one, making the first Flowers were achieved with this shade.

The Japanese company continued the research and presented the first genetically engineered one in 2004 rose with the blue gene. This was the origin of the blue roses. Later, in 2009, the transgenic blue rose was presented at the International Exhibition in Tokyo and went on sale in the same year. At present the company owns the rights to sell the product all over the world.

The next step was the establishmentstabilized blue roseswhich was achieved a short time after the transgenic variety was launched. After the genetically modified specimens came on the market, it was relatively easy to subject them to a chemical treatment to maintain their properties and their beautiful color.

We from Verdissimo have the blue roses in our catalog in the current second decade of the 21st century stabilized flowers recorded. Blue roses are particularly popular with the public because of their mysterious, elegant color. Verdissimo carries blue roses in two basic colors, namely Light blue and Dark blue, as well as in different formats: Standard, Premium, V-Rose and in the new methacrylate cube.

The meaning of blue roses

Blue roses are among the most popular and best-selling varieties because, according to different views, they express that impossible wishes can come true.

In addition, they symbolize relaxing, liberating feelings as well as affection, loyalty and trust. For this reason, blue flowers are used to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the home.

They are a nice gift after an argument with your partner or a friend and serve to reduce tensions with them.

With us you get stabilized blue roses as a gift or to give yourself a gift! Blue roses serve as an expression of intense human feelings. They stand for eternal love and the hope of winning a difficult or seemingly impossible love. They are undoubtedly a special, unique gift that will stand the test of time because they neither wither nor lose their properties.

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