Content marketing is absolutely necessary

What is content marketing anyway?

Suppose you want to build a house. After you buy a plot of land, go to an architect and have your home planned. A bright, open kitchen from which you can go into the living room, bathroom and toilet separated, and there should be three bedrooms. After all, you are clever and consider that one day there might be children. As soon as the plan has been completed and approved, construction can start.

Would you build a house without a plan? Of course not. Why should you do content marketing without a strategy?

The architect in our example is your strategist who creates the framework for your content marketing. Perhaps you will be successful in the short term with individual pieces of content without a strategy, but believe me: Long-term success is not possible without a content marketing strategy.

Most of the time we don't talk about content marketing strategy, but about content strategy. Even if the terms are used interchangeably in many places, they don't quite mean the same thing.

Difference between content strategy and content marketing strategy

Content marketing is a discipline, just like newsletter marketing, digital marketing, event marketing, etc. In order to be able to implement all these disciplines operationally, you need a strategic approach. A content marketing strategy.

A content strategy, on the other hand, is not only necessary in content marketing, but also in other disciplines of digital marketing, such as inbound marketing.

In the new edition of the content "Bible" published at the end of 2019 Think content! Miriam Löffler and Irene Michl see the development of a content strategy as a house. In the foundation you define the target group needs, company goals and the brand.

Based on this, you carry out measures: the content audit, content planning, content production, content management and content distribution. In order to give your house the necessary stability, you carry out a controlling. The roof of your house is the content strategy statement, which summarizes your content strategy in two sentences.

Are you curious about what content strategy is all about? The Joanneum in Graz has its own content strategy course (the first in Austria) and our CEO Martin teaches there. But enough about content strategy, after all, in this article we would like to give you well-founded information about content marketing.

Inbound Consultant Lisa explains in this 4-minute video what a content strategy is and how you can create your own in 10 steps: