Is math perfect

Math help: exercises and tips for a perfect start to school

Mathematics is the subject that causes students the most problems. This is why it is by far the number 1 tutoring subject. Once there are gaps, it becomes more and more difficult to understand new school material. That's why it's first of all: close the gaps and then practice, practice, practice.

We have put together a package for you, filled to the brim with clear learning videos, useful exercises, tips and helpful tests. From basic arithmetic and fractions to logarithms and exponential equations, all math aids are clearly presented, which is required up to and including 10th grade.

Our top 3 math help topics

  • Solve equations with parentheses

    Dissolve plus and minus brackets, multiply the factor in front of the bracket or a bracket. In our exercises and videos, solving equations with brackets, the rules are clearly explained and the knowledge can be checked directly with tasks.
  • Calculate the scale

    How the scale is calculated and converted for geometric figures and maps is shown in our video and is clearly shown with examples and exercises on our page Calculate scale.
  • Probability calculation - create a four-field table

    The creation of a four-field table always helps when two different events A and B are given and a counter-event is formulated in each case. How the four-field table is created is shown using an example on our exercise page for the four-field table.

Math help by grade level

For selected grade levels there is a summary of some of the topics that are dealt with in the respective school year:

  • Mathematics class 5 - basic arithmetic operations such as dividing, multiplying, etc.
  • Mathematics grade 6 - geometry, fractions, etc.
  • Mathematics class 7 - number theory, geometry, terms and equations, etc.
  • Math grade 8 - percentage calculation, linear functions, etc.
  • Mathematics class 9 - powers, Pythagorean theorem, binomial formulas, etc.
  • Mathematics class 10 - calculus of roots, theorems of rays, probability calculus, etc.

Also for High school students, our math help can be interesting. Because repetition of past material does no harm. Mathematics does not forgive any gaps because the material builds on one another level by level, like a ladder. Especially when school starts again, “forgetting summer” could make the start difficult, especially in mathematics. That's why we are happy to provide start-up help with the math help page, so that the start of the school year or the later exam preparation in the realm of numbers, formulas and curves runs as smoothly as possible. For everyone who still has something more math help If you need, there is also our on-site math tutoring or online math tutoring.

Other subjects:
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