How do internal and external links differ?

Which is more important: internal or external links?

A good link profile consists of a balanced mixture: recommendations in posts and forums, relevant links from partner sites, entries in selected business directories and social media mentions. A naturally grown link profile is also relevant to the topic and is recognized by Google through a wide range of different IP addresses.

And who are we linking to?

Many website operators fear for their link juice. That means, if we carefully link internally from several points to our own important pages in order to lead as many visitors as possible there - and of course to make it clear to Google which content is important - we want to keep people with us. Of course, we will redirect (more or less laboriously attracted) visitors from our site to another website if we prominently place an external link in front of them. On the other hand, we also refer the operator of the other website to our content. And maybe he'll recommend us at a suitable point as well. In any case, we show that we are happy to provide our readers with all available information - and Google rewards that too.
We have to pay attention to which information providers we are linking to. Not every domain does what a single detail page promises. So it is always worthwhile to take a second look at the originator of a piece of information.

Internal and external links are ultimately equally important. If we ignore one half, the counterpart suffers as well. So we keep the most relevant pages in focus for our visitors - internally and externally.