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Well informed through the crisis

Ethical Coffee Company: competition for Nespresso

The Ethical Coffee Company plans to compete with the Nespresso manufacturer Nestlé in Germany. This is reported by the business magazine Capital in its June issue. Autumn this year is being discussed as the start date. Allegedly, Rewe is to include the capsules in its range under its own name.

Aigner: Too much food ends up in the trash

According to estimates by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, more than 220 million tons of food are thrown away every year in industrialized countries. In Germany, more than 20 million tonnes are probably thrown away every year, including a noticeably large amount of packaged food. "We are wasting huge resources," said Federal Consumer Minister Ilse Aigner.

Germans buy groceries up to ten days a year

The average German spends up to ten whole days a year shopping for groceries, this was the result of the study "Grocery shopping 2011 - Lust or Frust?" of the market research institute Elite News. 41 percent of consumers spend up to ten days and a further 46 percent still up to five days a year to get food.

Karstadt and Perfetto rely on organic campaign weeks

From June 20 to July 3, Karstadt and the Perfetto delicatessen markets start nationwide organic campaign weeks. In addition to consumer information on organic food and tastings, cooking shows are also on the program. The kick-off event will take place in Bremen this year.

Consumption Leipzig on a stable course

A good year for Petra Schumann and the consumers: "Our consistent quality strategy is bearing fruit," says the board spokeswoman for Konsum Leipzig. It is true that gross sales in 2010, at around 105.4 million euros, are slightly behind the previous year (106.2 million euros). According to Schumann, this is largely due to the increase in wage-related costs.

New Penny team is complete

The new management team at Penny is in place. "We have completed the last personnel change," said Lionel Souque, General Manager of the Rewe Group, at the Symposium on Fine Food + Drink in Munich. The mission is clear: the discounter Penny should assert itself in the market and finally be in the black again.

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