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About MLM compensation plans

About MLM compensation plans

The question arises again and again as to which compensation plan is best suited.

The literature does not clearly agree on the terminology alone. Is it called a “compensation plan, marketing plan, income and career plan, compensation plan or in the English version Compensation Plan as well as Pay Plan and Success Plan?

As a result, the compensation plan describes your sales strategy and should be suitable for attracting and promoting sales partners and thus generating sales in direct sales.

Is it a classic single-level plan that is primarily geared towards your own direct sales, or a so-called tiered career plan that is optimally geared towards selling products in direct sales?

Both compensation plan systems have advantages and disadvantages and both types of compensation systems address different sales partner types.

Single-stage remuneration systems are mainly used in party sales or in classic direct sales, where the sale of products is important. Multi-level systems, also referred to as multi-level, can be found predominantly in network marketing, in which it is important to unite large sales organizations so that differential commissions flow upwards.

If you take a closer look at major players in the direct selling industry such as Amway, Herbalife, NSA, Nikken, LR International, Network World Alliance, Forever Living Products or Nu Skin Enterprises, the literature reveals one essential commonality:

So-called stair-step breakaway plans are used to remunerate sales partners.

The Stair-Steps symbolize the individual ranks of a compensation plan that can be achieved by sales partners and the associated commission claims.

Together, all achievable ranks result in a staircase that leads to the top position - the highest level - of the compensation plan.

Other essential components of this remuneration system are the breakaways - called generations in German industry jargon.

If the agreed goals are achieved by sales partners, branches of the structure can break away and create generations of their own.

Upline does not have a specific compensation plan. The one you specify is used as a "script" for your qualification and remuneration processes!

You can therefore freely design this marketing plan with all its finesse and product-specific features and do not have to adhere to any specifications or restrictions on the part of the computer system.

In the past, the following remuneration systems have already been successfully implemented in Upline:

  • Unilevel plan
  • Difference Compensation Plan
  • Stair-step breakaway plan
  • Party plan
  • Single-level career plan
  • Hybrid marketing plans
  • Binary Marketing Plan
  • Matrix career plan
  • Various bonuses
  • (such as Fast Start Bonus, Generation Bonus, Carbonus, Infinity Bonus, Override Bonus, etc.)

  • Charged sales, roll-up, compression
  • Optimistic or pessimistic
  • also possible in combinations
  • Tested security of the correct billing functionality